Monday, November 29, 2010

Eye Candy~Diary Update♥

Star box XD haha
It looks yummy right?*o* But these are actually erasers.I currently have this in my store:)This cute erasers are just adorable, If I would buy this, I won't be using it, I'll just display it hihi (~~,)
 These are the real YUMMY Candies and Gummies~*o*  My favorite here is the cola bubblegum.At first it taste sour ,then sweet and after it, it taste like a cola drink.:)
Here's a pic of me taken yesterday.I know it's a late post x3
 I'm so tired  last night that I didn't able to post this.
Did you notice something?:) My eye liner wings is perfect!(I think)^^ I'm using my new liquid eye liner from Etude House (I'll post a review later).Using pen and cream eye liner helped me a lot to learn on how to apply it.Liquid liner is harder to apply,so practice is a must,!In my case, I really had a hard time before but now it's my favorite part when putting a make up.:) 
Here is what I wore for church.
^_^v Victory sign!
After church I went to buy some foods.I checked out Japan homes, It's a shop where you could buy Japan products.And here's what I bought.
Choco pie (it's a  chocolate coated soft cake with marshmallows in the middle) nomnomnom
Edo Ramen Noodles (0.0) ~ I love ramen.Yum!
and Mogu mogu strawberry juice drink~  mogu mogu is cute>.< (nata de coco)!(~~,)
I also bought a paganini brushes.These are not a super expensive brushes~
I got this neon pink brushes,because it's pink, soft and these brushes are really small! I love it!I'll just add this up in my collection*.*
I'm getting sleepy again (-o-) So I'll go now :) goodnight~Thank you for reading what I shared today ^^~
I can't wait for xmas~ I can't wait for my xmas presents ^.^ hihi
~Love mimiஐღ

Friday, November 26, 2010

★The Versatile Blogger Award★

Yay another blog award!^_^ I received the The Versatile Blogger- Award from Bibi!
Thank you so much Bibi ^o^ I'm soo happy! Please visit her blog! she's a very sweet darling :)

This award comes with a few rules to follow:
1.Thank and link back the one who gave you this award

2.Share 7 things about yourself.
I am easy to be influenced. I can easily be nfluenced by games, films, people and right now bloggers :3 I feel like I want to be like them! by following what they they say. o.o  ~I even believe what Krauser San said!hahaI'm just glad that I'm always influenced by good people.^^ 
I don't drink-coffee (I know that everyone enjoys to drink this.Esp. Starbucks coffee right?Frappe.~yes! but if I drink coffee-I'm dead~ I'll have a skin as cold as Edward Cullen's.XD I don't know why,but I feel like I'm poisoned or something o.o)

I have been transfered to  21 different school since my first grade XD I'm happy to Finally graduate!( It happened because I am a very mean student, I bully my classmates that I'm always kicked out of school!!!O.O Ugh!please don't believe what I just said.I'm just kidding :)I just have stay where my mom is~ you know business matters)
That I'm obsessed with color Pink. but did you know that I have a yellow bed room? And that I don't have anything pink in my room?~ I meant fixtures ,furnitures nor curtains.o.o (except for other things like accessories, dresses and shoes) weird~
I like princess clothings, laces and lolita dresses.I would wear them when I go to church even though I know it's super hot in the place where I live in! lulz :3
I  don't act like my age ~ I always feel like I'm still young.I don't  even want to get married!0.0                                                                                                                  I always act brave but the truth is I am always scared of how people would react about what I do/did.
3.Pass it along to 7 bloggers that  you've recently discovered and enjoy.
Here are some of the blogs I enjoy reading.I actually have more blogs that  I follow and love to read but I can only tag 7>.< (bibi is also included but she received this already XD)

Ok I must go to bed now.Good Night everyone~Tomorrow I might post something cute :3
Good luck and have a great day everyone :) I know you are all having thanks giving! :) Have fun!
~Love mimiஐღ

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My First Xmas Wishlist❉

My first XMas Wishlist~
Why my first?~ To be honest..I don't  have /never celebrated/never had experienced Christmas before. Because I have a different religious belief .I don't regret it but for this year, My bf asked me to list down everything I wanted for Christmas.:) He said that maybe "my wish could come true" hihihi :3 (this doesn't mean that I am trying to go against my beliefs, this is just for fun)^^
~Last year my wish was "pet society cash coins" and it came true!!!
my bf bought me like 4k in game money which made me so happy^.^woohoo! this time here's my wishlist: (haha I got more wishes!)XD

Sony Cybershot camera dsc tx9- He said that he will gift this for me :) so I got this x on my list now(I got very happy to know that I will have this because like I said on my older post I really wanted a new camera ^^)

GHD Pink Limited Edition box set (hair straightening Iron)  check this link to the website,and you'll see this hair straightening set is really cute!~^.^~

Really cute pink brushes from pretty and cute.or any kind of brush sets~I need this for my makeup practice :3

clarisonic pink-a very nice color!^.^

sleek good girl- I like this pallete so much!*_*
You will notice that all of the things on my list were color pink XD.Simply because I love color pink ^.^

How about you?Have you list down your Xmas Wishes too?^_^

~kk I have to go to bed now.It's really pretty late for me.Oyasumi!~ ^^,
Have a great day/Good night everyone!
~Love mimiஐღ

Monday, November 22, 2010

Detroit Metal City

Wow! I can't believe I fall in love with the movie "Detroit Metal City" live.Another great film that made my day ^o^At first I thought that the story isn't that interesting but as I continue watching it,l I noticed that the main actor was also one of the characters in Death Note  named "L"!!!O.O ( another popular japanese manga) 
This movie made me laugh out loud!!! as in "LOL"XD It's very funny!Great music,great performance and a really nice story.I recommended this to all of my friends, and all of them who watched, liked it too.
Ok please don't be scared or have a second thought after seeing this picturesXD Because I know, I felt the same way too the first time I've seen his face.But then  I found the reason why he looks like this.I won't be telling anything that happen about this movie because  I don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to try watching it.^^ 
Did you know that I don't like it when people say what happens to the movie I haven't seen?That's one reason why I don't like to read reviews/spoilers.I watch it first before reading it.>.< so what I'm doing right now is recommending some great films I already finished watching without  a review XD lol.
No Music No Dream...

~Pictures are from google~
Oh and btw Momo is having her first giveaway! please join^^
visit her cute blog^^~ Momo
Good luck!^^

~Love mimiஐღ

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dare to wear Challenge #4-For Charity

Today, I had the chance to steal a little bit of my time to create a look for the " Dare To Wear Challenge" of Funny Face Beauty blog.This time,we are challenge to create an African Tribal makeup look.Each person who would join this challenge and try to create a look, Ms.Alicia will donate money to Stephen Lewis Foundation to support the people in Africa who were suffering from HIV/AIDS.Sounds cool right?So if you are just sitting there doing nothing, I am encouraging you to create a look and submit it to her.It doesn't matter if you have a blog or not because she accepts it all.To read the full details about it please go to her blog  FunnyFaceBeauty.
I know that my creation won't be the best but atleast I tried (^^,) So I'm encouraging those who are reading my post right now to create a look, You know it's for a good cause :)
For this look I used a Etude House BB cream,88 pallete
Ughhh.I don't have good brushes so I can't make good lines =/

~flash flash~

What I did after? I took the makeup off because I had to out with my mom XD

So after coming back home, I created another African tribal makeup look.Ugh!What was I thinking while creating this look? Uhm....a King Lizard~ yes yes I'm thinking of one of the monsters in my game!XD

I really had fun creating this look.I know it's not so tribal.Because I think I made it look like an anime enemy character. hahaha.I'm gonna spam pictures here!!!XD

Thank you so much for following me.I am suprised that I already got 80 followers!^_^ It really makes me happy!!!Please remember to join this challenge too.I am really forcing you ladies!Everyone is welcome to join!!!*o*

~Love mimiஐღ

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New shoes New collection!*.* ~Diary Update

Hello dolls!^_^ Today I will share to you this Tiramisu shoes that my sister bought me.
I really love the leopard print because I know that this print is popular right now.The pink, yellow, blue color on prints just made it looks so cute*.*
This high heels is very comfortable to wear and it looks really elegant.I love it!^^
~Here's a close up for you to see the texture~
I promised to post the picture of this shoes before in my older post.So here it is^
I saw Sandara Park wearing this kind of shoes in one of her videos.
It won't be exactly the same but the style is like this.
This is Parisian brand.I like the style and the studs on it made it look so punkish.. 

FYI:Did you know that I am addicted to shoes?o.o It's actually my weakness^o^
I have a shoe collection,But we have a hot temperature here, That's why it's really hard to keep them in good condition.
Diary Update
Yesterday: I went to Lynderm to get a facial, diamond peel and spa.I had a reservation last week,I got their 20% discount on all services and 50% for machine treatment.Which is a very big discount!If you're wondering how much it cost me in dollars, It is less than $20.This is my third time going there and they never fail me..This is one thing I love in the place where I live in, The services here are always cheap.I know many Japanese friends who comes here just to get spa, massages and sauna baths.o.o
Today:I went out to pay some bills, and you know what, I can't cross the street!=.= I end up asking someone to help me cross because I'm really scared of the vehicles.I think this is one of my greatest fears.X_X The only way I could cross bravely is when I'm with someone. XD
I was planning on going to my best friend's house too but I end up going home instead,because I had to cross another street just to go there x.x ugh! also I remembered that the dermatologist says I can't go out yet because I just had dp, So I can't expose myself to sunlight.So for this week I will stay in the house for the whole time like a vampy >.<
My mom and my brother's birthday is so near that I'm having trouble thinking what to give! no no actually not my mom, because it's really easy to find a gift for girls.But for guys, Argh!X_X  It's always a pain in the toot toot* haha ~  Are you having a hard time finding gifts for guys too?
This is the gift I chose for my brotherThe first time I saw this I remembered him .XD This cat looks weird and unique.It's useful too because it's candle lamp.I bet this will be a good display in his room.
He looks like the cheshire cat in Alice and Wonderland right?@_@
The cat's head has decorative holes that reminds me of a  halloween Jack O' Lantern pumpkin. but this one is made of metal.The body is made of porcelain..I hope he'll like my gift.:)
Today I had the chance to post because my sister lend me her camera *.* she's so nice~
Thank you for reading and for your lovely comments ^^
Have a great day!

~Love mimiஐღ


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