Monday, October 25, 2010

Pretty Blog Award

Hello dollies!I'm back!^_^ and happy to see that I got a blog award!:)
Becky  of Beck's Makeup Corner  awarded me this.Thank you ~^.^~
It's written in spanish but she said that she's awarding this to pretty blogs, and I'm just happy that my blog is chosen.So to share this award, I will give this to 5 pretty blogs that I love to read.^^

Just a little update
Mood: Happy
Listening to:Nana's Soundtrack from Nana The Movie - oh how I love this music! very calming*.*
It's raining tonight, so after writing this I feel like going to bed ^.^ I love the sound of the rain~and Nana's music makes me sleepy.
I have been busy in real life that I didn't had time to update my blog.I'm sorry for not being active and I'm happy to be back and see I got 71 followers now. wow!!! Thank you so much everyone,I appreciate this so much and It really makes me happy to know that someone like to read what I wrote.I can still remember the first time I start blogging and my very first post, I thought that this blog site is empty or no one could see what I wrote o.o hihi~ and Now here you are dollies, supporting me ^_^ just makes me really happy!
Thank you so much for everyone's lovely comments.I love to read them! And I promise to comment back no matter how long or late it takes for me to reply back I promise I will!~^.^~
~ and Thank you also to melody for telling me that there's a problem with my blog design.
o.o its really bad when the codes messing up

Tomorrow I will write something.For now I will have a good night sleep ^.^
I hope that everyone is having a great day!tnx for reading =)

~Love mimiஐღ


Bibi said...

Aww hun, thanks for always thinking of me ^.^ I love you!!! Your blog is very bonito, so you absolutely deserved the award!!!

I'm seriously considering the spa-thing... I know just the friend to go with me! Hehe, you're the first one to notice/say something about my Totoro ^.^ He looks better in real life, on photo he looks a bit strange o.O Selfmade plushie! ^.^

sssdawna said...

aww you're welcome, i love your blog! congrats on getting 71 followers so quickly : )

thank you for the award!!

it's been rainy and gloomy here. fall has arrived, time for cozy clothes and comfort food ^_^

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

congrats! both you and your blog are very pretty.

siwing said...

thanks hon ! ^_^

you really made my day ! =)

hope you get a good nights rest !

Anonymous said...

congrats!!! you deserve it with such a cute blog ;)


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