Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nichido Make up review and shopping~

Yesterday my best friend kitty and I went to SM (mall).My purpose of going there is to go to a travel agency and ask a lot of questions about travelling and getting a US visa, because I was hoping that I could go to US before Halloween.But I guess it's gonna take much longer than I expected.+.+
We just go around to window shop and tried out hats and costumes because we are planning to join the Halloween cosplay in Enchanted Kingdom(amusement park) on November 1st.
What are you ladies planning to wear this coming halloween?
A Short Break
We tried out this yogurt icecream from Frost Bite and It's so delicious! :D And for sure were coming back for more!We also had pizza and strawberry shake.nom nom nom :3 
Cinderella XD
Ive seen this shoes before and I loved it for the very first time I saw it, but was having a second thought because I got a lot of shoes already,And I pretty much just wear slippers when I go out simply because they are more comfy^^  On my next visit, I went to check if  the shoes I'm liking is still there, And found out that there's only 1 left!  + it's on it's 10% discount!1200php.I grab the opportunity of course.hihi ^^ I'm about to pay it, and for some reason, the price thats coming out on their computer is 400 php!! omgosh I was shock! They went to check if it's the real price because it's not what it says on the price tag.Then the manager came back and confirmed  that it's really on sale now.Wow!I got a total of 60% discount for it!!!O.O they said I'm lucky!I guess it's just one of my lucky day! :)
I will show the picture of this shoes on my later post
Nichido Mineral Powder and Pencil Eye Liner Review
I also went to check some of Nichido make up.It's a Philippine cosmetic brand and I'll say I really love their makeup products and it's affordable too!:3 And here's what I go
blush sunkissed and a Nichido Girls night out eye pencil color in vivid turquoise.I got this  turquoise because Etude house is having the same pencil eye liner color, but it's really expensive! x.x Its cost around 398php for one, but this one cost only 88php and the same quality and color!
These are just some of the products I bought before, Nichido eye liners and loose powder:)
Here's the swatches of the eye liners I put on my hand.
1. Nichido Mineral Kohl pencil in Onyx color (black).This is really intense black,it's water resistant. I wore this eyeliner when I went swimming before and it didn't went off or didn't give me a panda eye. and thats when I  started to love buying their pencil eye liners.
2.Nichido Girl's Night Out in vivid turquoise.I really really love it's color!^.^ I can now have Park Bom's eye effect hehe :D
3.Nichido Girls night out  in 04 Nice Gal (silver white) perfect for creating a dolly eye look :)
The above picture.(Swatches) I put Nichido loose powder on my skin :)  as you can see that the upper part is lighter that's because I put mineral powder on it.:) The lower part is my real skin color which is darker XD
I got Nichido Final powder Ivory Glow.This Loose powder is really thin and silky :) And does not dry up my skin. It's milky  and lightens up my skin color too~^.^~ 

Tomorrow I will go out again because me and my best friend plan to go to spa and have some facial and diamond peel :3 and ofcourse another shopping~:)

I hope everone is having a great week!Thank you for following and reading my post :)

~Love mimiஐ


Xiao moon said...

the first hat looks so cute on you, hehehe :D

sssdawna said...

hey pretti girl!! glad to see you're having fun with friends : ) halloween cosplay in an enchanted kingdom?! lucky you, that sounds so fun lol where in the U.S. will you go? for halloween, i'll probably go to a frat party and haunted house ^_^

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

what is the flavor of the blue icecream =P?

Bibi said...

Oh you're going to a spa?? I've never been to a spa, but I sure could use one right now -___- Work = stress and painful muscles from sitting behind a computerscreen all day...

You were so lucky with the shoes!! You'd be crazy if you didn't buy them :p 60% off is really a bargain...

P o o p e r said...

That was definitely your lucky day! :DD 60% off awesome shows like those and they were the last pair? THEY WERE MEANT FOR YOU. ^___^

Glad you had fun! And enjoy your time at the spa! ;D <333

☆ NachiPoo said...

Going out with friends is sooo much fun! Its always with them that you find such great deals.
The shoes look really cute and I only wish I had as many shoes as you say you do!

I love the horns the best >:3 wear those!
You guys look super cute in them!

YFrozen Yogurt is my favorite DD: Its soo yumy! I'm def getting some tomorrow along with my mac makeup. I love that shade of blue you bought O: Its so nice! Take pics with it on please~

Becky said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog (^_^)

Melody said...

Woahhh! So luckyyy ^_^"

Btw; just letting you know in case you didn't already that your blog is showing a lot of html coding at the top of your header ^-^ (viewing in Google Chrome) <3

Becky said...

You have an award on my blog! (^_^)


minnja said...

Looooove it!!!! gorgeous



Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The yogurt looks so tasty! ^-^♥


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