Friday, October 15, 2010

Nana 2

I finished watching Nana II just now and the story made me sad :( First of all, my favorite character Ren wasn't there.His part was acted by a different guy.As well as Shin and Nana's part.I liked the first part but the second one, I don't recommend this to friends.I wonder what happened and why did they end the story like this.I'm really affected by this!>.< The first part of Nana was about friendship and love and a really happy story.The second one, is more of complicated love and being a noob girl.I call her noob because the girl in the story is brainless! I'm sorry but I'm just saying what I think about the story.Its no longer cute anymore >.>

Well, I think I like watching Korean comedy drama more than japanese ones because most of the time, Japanese stories have weird endings x.x I don't know why, but this isn't the first time, I watched a Japan film 

Anyways, today I discovered  a new mini games on facebook caled "Backyard Monsters" and "It Girls".:) It's really fun to play it. Have a great day everyone!^^
~Love mimiஐღ


Clover said...

It is a long time ago when I watched Nana I.
I always wanted to watch the second part. But you scared me...^^°° Now I'm not sure xD

sssdawna said...

ive never watched nana. too bad you didn't like it but it's good that you now know to steer clear of japanese films : )

i started playing espn college town and sorority life on facebook...better than studying : ) : )


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