Thursday, October 14, 2010

More time to do other things ^.^

Yay! Today I have the time to update my blog diary because the game I am playing had a problem.SO I won't be able to play until saturday.It's really a good news for me because that means that I'll have more time for my store and I'll be able to do some other things like watching,blogging, and to go out.Games really do take so much of my time! o.o I get so addicted!And I wanted to do more things like cleaning and practice with make up.
I know that "Too much" is really dangerous! like too much addiction with make up, too much blogging, too much games and too much spending for fashion and accessories ~ everything needs to be balanced! I think It's not just me. o.o anyone?

Anyway earlier I cleaned my store and just took some pictures of the items I have in there.Hello kitty~^.^
I also had time to watch!^.^
Have you seen the movie Nana? My sister recommended me to watch this, so I did and I loved the story!At first I thought it was boring, but I was wrong! The story is lovely*.* It's about Friendship and love~
This is based on a Manga story.I won't be telling so much about the story  because if you will be watching this I don't want to ruin the excitement. :3All I can say is that the actors are really great and they do look like the characters on manga book!The japanse guys are handsome too. Ren!XD
I know that this is an old film, but I'm just so happy that I was able to watch this.So I'm just sharing this to those who love anime, manga and japanese films and haven't seen this, I'm recommending this!^^
Now I will go watch Nana part 2 :) Part 1 is really short so I think It's not too much watching yet XD
I will just write and update more later on. Thanks for reading!^_^

~Love mimiஐღ


Bibi said...

I have that too! When I'm trying something new, I always seem to go all out on it, and forget about the world... I get addicted to things so fast, not healthy -__-
You liked Nana? I thought about reading it, but I never really seem to get to it...

P o o p e r said...

I love Nana! :DDD <333 One of my favorite films, the first one I really loved but I got mad when in part 2 they had to change the actor that plays the girly Nana. :\ That's why I haven't watched it yet, my stubborn self is mad at that. lol

Your hello kitty items are so cute! >///<

siwing said...

so cute !! i want those contact lense case even though i don't wear much contacts. lol.. too cute to have !

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

The hello kitty stuff is so cute. Where do you have a store? What kind of store is it?

Clover said...

ahh I know how it is to be addicted to something...I have the tendency to focus on one thing tooo much >< which always takes so much time.
I love Nana^^


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