Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just another EH addiction~:)

Hello dollies!^_^ Today I'm just going  to share what I bought from Etude House from my last time shopping. Sorry it took me awhile before I could post this up.>.< 
I got this peach beam blusher # 1 pink beam :3 i love the effect it gives on my cheeks. I don't have a pic of me having this >.< but I promise I will post some soon~
A hand lotion~  It smells like strawberry yogurt! yummy!!! ~^.^~
A facial foam~ in peach tea,it smells great, the smell is really calming and very refreshing!:)
And a Oh~m' Eye Lash mascara in curling and clean

And here's what my best friend kitty got me :) 
A face powder!~I was planning to get this next, but to my suprise she bought me this!^.^What good about this is that It has Spf 22, which is really good.You'll look pretty and at the same time,protect your skin from the sun.:3
Actually I haven't tried using this one yet~ But one of these days I will and I will take a picture of it.
I really love EH packaging~ *.* forgive me for so many pics, I just don't want to delete the pictures!
She also got me this Bling~Bling eye stick~#2 Butterfly star It's an eye shadow.I really love the golden yellow color of it and the glittery effect~there are different colors of this, silver,white,and pink.
I'm planning on getting pink next time :)
Here are just some of the items I'm planning to get from EH next time :)
~liquid pen liner
~pink lipstick
~eye highlighter
~black eye shadow
~^.^~Just a short post for today, I promise that on one of my post later, I will be showing you a
picture of myself using EH products :)
Did anyone of you tried using Etude House makeups? If you did, what are those you already bought and tried? The reason why is because I want to hear your thoughts about this products so I could try to buy it next time too.^^

I hoped you enjoyed reading.Thank you  :)
~Love mimiஐღ


siwing said...

wow everything is so pink !!! such eye candy !! <3

sssdawna said...

ive never tried eh because they only sell it online here : / but everything looks so pretty, i can't wait to see more pics!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

their packaging is some of the cutest I have ever seen...

Naka said...

omg the packaging is amazing! I wanna see u wear it ^^

P o o p e r said...

I've always heard about Etude House makeups, but now I'm starting to really like the brand just because of your posts. <3

The cases for all of these are really pretty, and I can't to see all of this makeup on you! Thanks for the review! :'3

camgaga said...

yay..i would love to try the it okay if you'll post the price too? there's also a EH here at SM Cebu, but i'm so busy. I haven't visited the EH shop yet.hehe

Becky said...

OMG! How lucky you are!!! I want to try some EH products! (T__T)

Thanks for commenting on my blog (^_^)

!♥ m i m i said...

Great loot! Everything's pink hehehe <3

We have the same name "mimi"!

Cute blog xxx

The Beautifier said...

Nice stuff! the peach beam blusher and face powder look great!xoxo

Xiao moon said...

omo, eye candy !! >w<

i wish i bought etude house when i visited indonesia, they don't sell it in europe :c

Melody said...

OF COURSE WE CAN BE FRIENDS ON FB :D :D :D ~ same as my blog teheheh.

The things from Etude house looks so prettyyyyy :3 ! I love how its all pinkish and etc :)


amanda said...

i loveee everything in etude housee! the packaging is always so cutee

Anonymous said...

Cool blog and entries :) Thanks for sharing :)


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