Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Dare You to Wear This Look #3

Hello dollies I know it's late to submit this, But I still took the "I dare you to wear this look #3" of Ms.Alicia of funny face beauty.In this challenge I'm going to create an inspired look of Miley Cyrus from her music video I can't be tamed.  I know there will be a lot of difference with with me and miley's make up   because I'm not professional O.O.I'm still practicing.Anyway, here's the outcome look of what I did. 

A closer look..I really want an HD camera!>.< that way i dont have to do this.
For the eyes, I took the colors from 88 eyeshadow pallete.And since I don't have any feather eye lashes, I just created a wing effect with the black eye shadow heehee.^.^ Here's some more pictures taken from different lighting~ Sorry for my messy hair, but thats natural  hair XD so it's gonna stay like that =.=
For the face I used Maybelline Angel Lift, flawless natural. I know it does look natural,and looks really good on camera too!;) but my face is sensitive and my skin break outs easily o.o The foundation feels a little bit hot on my  face that I had to remove it quickly after taking pictures, but I still did this pose before removing it!^.~
I really like maybelline because it looks good on the camera, but after using BB creams, I stopped using anything on my face for a long time, maybe that's the reason why after wearing foundation again, my skin reacts bad to it >.<  Nextime I'll just use BB creams when playing with my make up that way I don't damage my skin.

Btw dollies, sorry for my  absence,for not updating,and for not replying to all of your comments x.x but I'm super addicted in games that I didn't had time =x huhu
I'd like to thank all of you for being so supportive!^_^ and for those who commented on my last posts Thank you so much!I really love reading your comments:) I will respond to them all soon, I pwamis!^^

I will be back soon, I'm actually posting this at 1:31am already I need to go to bed O.O bb dolls!~

~Love mimiஐღ


FunnyFaceBeauty said...


Nope not late at all. This looks awesome!! Its so punk rock on you...I hope you wear it out sometime. Looks soo great on you! Thanks again for doing this. I love seeing what you come up with.


sssdawna said...

good job!! : ) : )

yea mac studio fix fluid has started breaking me out so i only use it on special occasions and wash it off asap haha

Clover said...

you did a great job!^^
you look beautiful!!!

P o o p e r said...

You are so gorgeous!! <3333 Loving the look! :'D It's ok to be late! ^-^ Games are so much fun, I don't blame you once you start you can never stop! >.<

Bibi said...

Dammit, I typed a whole comment and then I stupidly clicked away the page and now it's all gone... -____-

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I really liked the questions tag, so thank you for thinking of me!

Reply to you: I take my pictures with my Nikon D3000. I only just bought it this summer, so my picturetaking isn't always as good, but I'm getting better at it! :) Before posting my photos on my blog, I change the picturesize to 75%, and then I save them as a JPEG, quality 5 (12 being the highest). This way, I can reduce the size of my pictures from for example 3.8 MB to 272 KB, and they will still look pretty good when I post them on my blog. So the original pictures are even better quality, but I think using my original pictures would make loading my post so much slower, and I don't want that, as I know some of my readers are on limited bandwith (just like myself), and loading enormous pictures takes a lot of downloading. It might be even better to use something like Flicr or Picasa, so I can link back to these sites instead of loading them directly on Blogger, but I yet have to try that...

Wow, long and technical reply, but basically what I'm trying to say is: if you want your pictures to be good quality and nice looking, invest in a DSLR-camera. You shouldn't buy the most expensive one, but try reading reviews beforehand so you can make an educated choice. Taking pictures with a DSLR is of course not as simple as with the average small digital camera, but practice makes perfect, and actually, my camera has a lot of presets, so I usually don't have to adjust too many things myself. Your pictures will become a lot clearer, more focused, better quality etc... when using a bigger camera. But when you still want to use a small camera (I have to admit, sometimes it's a bother taking the big guy with me), it's better to change the settings to highest quality pictures. You won't be able to save as much pictures on your memory card, but you will be more pleased with the result, I guarantee it!

Bibi said...

Hmm seems like when you just upload your pictures on Blogger, Blogger automatically puts them in an online photoalbum on Picasa Web Albums or something... (check the url of the page you get to when clicking an imported image on your blog, it shows the Picasa icon) I'm sorry, I'm not really well informed on these internet albums.

I think that if you have Picasa on your computer, there should be a button below that says 'Blog this' (or at least, in the newest edition of Picasa it's below, I don't know if it always used to be there). I don't really know how it works, but I think that's also a way of uploading pics to your blog... Don't be afraid to click it, that's usually how I find out how things work :P

Clover said...

hi!^^ how are you doing today!
Of course you can answer my questions! You have to do it!^^
I also like to know all of you a little bit better, so I think this is a funny and good way.
It would make me happy if I could read your answers^^

Anonymous said...

Great job! I really love the lip colour on you.

Your bangs are cute!

Ellen said...

This looks so cute on you - well done :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



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