Monday, October 4, 2010

8 questions of sssdawna

Hello dollies!Today I had time to respond to one of my tags,because right now we have a Server Maintenance in the game.I was tagged by sssdawna of Beauty and budget to answer 8 questions.So here are my answers^^

1. What's the most expensive thing you've ever invested your money in?
My desktop computer.The very first one I received on my 18th birthday.When it got broken, I bought a new one but it's a shared money with my bf.But still expensive for me, Because in my Country gadgets are over priced.=.=
2. Name the magazine subscriptions you have right now.
~ I like Egg, Kera and popteen magazine

3. What's something fun you have planned to do in Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2010?
~I plan to travel to USA this October.And I know that it would be fun!^^

4. Tell us what car you drive and if you'd recommend that a friend get the same kind.
~No I don't know how to drive.But if I will have a car I want it to be color pink^^

5. Have you ever tried to lose weight/get in shape for something?
~Yes.When I want to be sumexy in a dress.I'm plan to do it, so I could have a healthy and fit body.

6. How many people have you gone on a date with this year?
~oNe and only. I am very loyal like a pet mouse.hahaha

7. Who has the hairstyle that you want to try next?
~Tsubasa Masuwaka and the two girls hair style :) I just need my hair to get longer =.= I can't wait!

8. Do you think that a college degree is worth the time/effort/money it takes to earn it?
YES.It's worth the TIME,EFFORT and MONEY.Having a degree is something that you could be proud of yourself. If you could spend so much money on make ups, then why not with your studies?^^

My Questions

1.If you will change your hair color,what color will it be?
2.Nude or Pink lipstick?
3.When did you started liking make up?
4.What is your fashion style?
5.Which you like the most,Lolita or Gyaru?
6.Do you love going to parties?what kind of party?
7.Milk or Coffee?:P
8.Would you break a law to save your love one?*.* (random question)

I'm tagging this questions to:
Robbito Bonbon
Bibi Blog
Rabbito Bonbon
p o o p e r

Have fun dollies^^

~Love mimiஐღ


siwing said...

cool tag! where in the us are you traveling to ?

sssdawna said...

ooo i esp like your question 8!

thanks for doing this tag, where in the USA are you traveling? how fun!

try hair extensions until your real hair grows out. then you can play with length color and texture : ) : ) did you grad from college and if so with what major?

Jonna said...

Very interesting :) Those pictures of those girls you posted are sooo awesome! x

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i think that first hairstyle is super cute. and i hope you have fun when you come to the US this month!

Venus In Virgo said...

what a cute post! XOXO

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

For the bottom two hairstyles, you're going to need to cut layers in your hair! :3
Can't wait to see how it looks!

P o o p e r said...

Your icons and gifs are so cute! >///< Once I get the chance I'll answer your questions, thanks by the way! :'D

Tsubasa is always amazing. ;-;

I am very loyal like a pet mouse. awww hehehe xD

Bibi said...

Hey dear! thanks for the tag, I answered them in my latest post :) So feel free to read it, if you want... ^.^


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