Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just another EH addiction~:)

Hello dollies!^_^ Today I'm just going  to share what I bought from Etude House from my last time shopping. Sorry it took me awhile before I could post this up.>.< 
I got this peach beam blusher # 1 pink beam :3 i love the effect it gives on my cheeks. I don't have a pic of me having this >.< but I promise I will post some soon~
A hand lotion~  It smells like strawberry yogurt! yummy!!! ~^.^~
A facial foam~ in peach tea,it smells great, the smell is really calming and very refreshing!:)
And a Oh~m' Eye Lash mascara in curling and clean

And here's what my best friend kitty got me :) 
A face powder!~I was planning to get this next, but to my suprise she bought me this!^.^What good about this is that It has Spf 22, which is really good.You'll look pretty and at the same time,protect your skin from the sun.:3
Actually I haven't tried using this one yet~ But one of these days I will and I will take a picture of it.
I really love EH packaging~ *.* forgive me for so many pics, I just don't want to delete the pictures!
She also got me this Bling~Bling eye stick~#2 Butterfly star It's an eye shadow.I really love the golden yellow color of it and the glittery effect~there are different colors of this, silver,white,and pink.
I'm planning on getting pink next time :)
Here are just some of the items I'm planning to get from EH next time :)
~liquid pen liner
~pink lipstick
~eye highlighter
~black eye shadow
~^.^~Just a short post for today, I promise that on one of my post later, I will be showing you a
picture of myself using EH products :)
Did anyone of you tried using Etude House makeups? If you did, what are those you already bought and tried? The reason why is because I want to hear your thoughts about this products so I could try to buy it next time too.^^

I hoped you enjoyed reading.Thank you  :)
~Love mimiஐღ

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gimp~n YayI got a new film to watch tonight!:D

I wanted to practice on applying makeup today and take some pictures, I have so many ideas of what I'll do like scary makeup designs,but my sister took her camera, and now I don't have anything to use for taking pictures =/ so I end up not doing it >.<  I'm really bored so I just played with Gimp editing software- by editing an old pic of mine. above I have posted an edited picture too before, I think when I'm just started blogging. Gimp is really a good tool to use to edit pictures.
When I was doing this picture I think of the movie "The Grudge" o.o 

Check out my Anime Look edited pic.
Oh before I forgot, Does anyone of you have seen the film "Hanayori Dango"? I've seen the korean version of it which is "Boys Over Flowers" and it was really great :) My sister suggested that I should watch the Japanese version of it so that I could see which is better. So tonight I will be watching this =)
She also lend me some of her other films like Detroit Metal City and anime The King of Eden.I hope that all of these are great films ~^.^~ I'll go now and check all of this ^o^!excited* Have a good day dollies!~
Thank you for reading :)

~Love mimiஐღ

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pretty Blog Award

Hello dollies!I'm back!^_^ and happy to see that I got a blog award!:)
Becky  of Beck's Makeup Corner  awarded me this.Thank you ~^.^~
It's written in spanish but she said that she's awarding this to pretty blogs, and I'm just happy that my blog is chosen.So to share this award, I will give this to 5 pretty blogs that I love to read.^^

Just a little update
Mood: Happy
Listening to:Nana's Soundtrack from Nana The Movie - oh how I love this music! very calming*.*
It's raining tonight, so after writing this I feel like going to bed ^.^ I love the sound of the rain~and Nana's music makes me sleepy.
I have been busy in real life that I didn't had time to update my blog.I'm sorry for not being active and I'm happy to be back and see I got 71 followers now. wow!!! Thank you so much everyone,I appreciate this so much and It really makes me happy to know that someone like to read what I wrote.I can still remember the first time I start blogging and my very first post, I thought that this blog site is empty or no one could see what I wrote o.o hihi~ and Now here you are dollies, supporting me ^_^ just makes me really happy!
Thank you so much for everyone's lovely comments.I love to read them! And I promise to comment back no matter how long or late it takes for me to reply back I promise I will!~^.^~
~ and Thank you also to melody for telling me that there's a problem with my blog design.
o.o its really bad when the codes messing up

Tomorrow I will write something.For now I will have a good night sleep ^.^
I hope that everyone is having a great day!tnx for reading =)

~Love mimiஐღ

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nichido Make up review and shopping~

Yesterday my best friend kitty and I went to SM (mall).My purpose of going there is to go to a travel agency and ask a lot of questions about travelling and getting a US visa, because I was hoping that I could go to US before Halloween.But I guess it's gonna take much longer than I expected.+.+
We just go around to window shop and tried out hats and costumes because we are planning to join the Halloween cosplay in Enchanted Kingdom(amusement park) on November 1st.
What are you ladies planning to wear this coming halloween?
A Short Break
We tried out this yogurt icecream from Frost Bite and It's so delicious! :D And for sure were coming back for more!We also had pizza and strawberry shake.nom nom nom :3 
Cinderella XD
Ive seen this shoes before and I loved it for the very first time I saw it, but was having a second thought because I got a lot of shoes already,And I pretty much just wear slippers when I go out simply because they are more comfy^^  On my next visit, I went to check if  the shoes I'm liking is still there, And found out that there's only 1 left!  + it's on it's 10% discount!1200php.I grab the opportunity of course.hihi ^^ I'm about to pay it, and for some reason, the price thats coming out on their computer is 400 php!! omgosh I was shock! They went to check if it's the real price because it's not what it says on the price tag.Then the manager came back and confirmed  that it's really on sale now.Wow!I got a total of 60% discount for it!!!O.O they said I'm lucky!I guess it's just one of my lucky day! :)
I will show the picture of this shoes on my later post
Nichido Mineral Powder and Pencil Eye Liner Review
I also went to check some of Nichido make up.It's a Philippine cosmetic brand and I'll say I really love their makeup products and it's affordable too!:3 And here's what I go
blush sunkissed and a Nichido Girls night out eye pencil color in vivid turquoise.I got this  turquoise because Etude house is having the same pencil eye liner color, but it's really expensive! x.x Its cost around 398php for one, but this one cost only 88php and the same quality and color!
These are just some of the products I bought before, Nichido eye liners and loose powder:)
Here's the swatches of the eye liners I put on my hand.
1. Nichido Mineral Kohl pencil in Onyx color (black).This is really intense black,it's water resistant. I wore this eyeliner when I went swimming before and it didn't went off or didn't give me a panda eye. and thats when I  started to love buying their pencil eye liners.
2.Nichido Girl's Night Out in vivid turquoise.I really really love it's color!^.^ I can now have Park Bom's eye effect hehe :D
3.Nichido Girls night out  in 04 Nice Gal (silver white) perfect for creating a dolly eye look :)
The above picture.(Swatches) I put Nichido loose powder on my skin :)  as you can see that the upper part is lighter that's because I put mineral powder on it.:) The lower part is my real skin color which is darker XD
I got Nichido Final powder Ivory Glow.This Loose powder is really thin and silky :) And does not dry up my skin. It's milky  and lightens up my skin color too~^.^~ 

Tomorrow I will go out again because me and my best friend plan to go to spa and have some facial and diamond peel :3 and ofcourse another shopping~:)

I hope everone is having a great week!Thank you for following and reading my post :)

~Love mimiஐ

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nana 2

I finished watching Nana II just now and the story made me sad :( First of all, my favorite character Ren wasn't there.His part was acted by a different guy.As well as Shin and Nana's part.I liked the first part but the second one, I don't recommend this to friends.I wonder what happened and why did they end the story like this.I'm really affected by this!>.< The first part of Nana was about friendship and love and a really happy story.The second one, is more of complicated love and being a noob girl.I call her noob because the girl in the story is brainless! I'm sorry but I'm just saying what I think about the story.Its no longer cute anymore >.>

Well, I think I like watching Korean comedy drama more than japanese ones because most of the time, Japanese stories have weird endings x.x I don't know why, but this isn't the first time, I watched a Japan film 

Anyways, today I discovered  a new mini games on facebook caled "Backyard Monsters" and "It Girls".:) It's really fun to play it. Have a great day everyone!^^
~Love mimiஐღ

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More time to do other things ^.^

Yay! Today I have the time to update my blog diary because the game I am playing had a problem.SO I won't be able to play until saturday.It's really a good news for me because that means that I'll have more time for my store and I'll be able to do some other things like watching,blogging, and to go out.Games really do take so much of my time! o.o I get so addicted!And I wanted to do more things like cleaning and practice with make up.
I know that "Too much" is really dangerous! like too much addiction with make up, too much blogging, too much games and too much spending for fashion and accessories ~ everything needs to be balanced! I think It's not just me. o.o anyone?

Anyway earlier I cleaned my store and just took some pictures of the items I have in there.Hello kitty~^.^
I also had time to watch!^.^
Have you seen the movie Nana? My sister recommended me to watch this, so I did and I loved the story!At first I thought it was boring, but I was wrong! The story is lovely*.* It's about Friendship and love~
This is based on a Manga story.I won't be telling so much about the story  because if you will be watching this I don't want to ruin the excitement. :3All I can say is that the actors are really great and they do look like the characters on manga book!The japanse guys are handsome too. Ren!XD
I know that this is an old film, but I'm just so happy that I was able to watch this.So I'm just sharing this to those who love anime, manga and japanese films and haven't seen this, I'm recommending this!^^
Now I will go watch Nana part 2 :) Part 1 is really short so I think It's not too much watching yet XD
I will just write and update more later on. Thanks for reading!^_^

~Love mimiஐღ

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Dare You to Wear This Look #3

Hello dollies I know it's late to submit this, But I still took the "I dare you to wear this look #3" of Ms.Alicia of funny face beauty.In this challenge I'm going to create an inspired look of Miley Cyrus from her music video I can't be tamed.  I know there will be a lot of difference with with me and miley's make up   because I'm not professional O.O.I'm still practicing.Anyway, here's the outcome look of what I did. 

A closer look..I really want an HD camera!>.< that way i dont have to do this.
For the eyes, I took the colors from 88 eyeshadow pallete.And since I don't have any feather eye lashes, I just created a wing effect with the black eye shadow heehee.^.^ Here's some more pictures taken from different lighting~ Sorry for my messy hair, but thats natural  hair XD so it's gonna stay like that =.=
For the face I used Maybelline Angel Lift, flawless natural. I know it does look natural,and looks really good on camera too!;) but my face is sensitive and my skin break outs easily o.o The foundation feels a little bit hot on my  face that I had to remove it quickly after taking pictures, but I still did this pose before removing it!^.~
I really like maybelline because it looks good on the camera, but after using BB creams, I stopped using anything on my face for a long time, maybe that's the reason why after wearing foundation again, my skin reacts bad to it >.<  Nextime I'll just use BB creams when playing with my make up that way I don't damage my skin.

Btw dollies, sorry for my  absence,for not updating,and for not replying to all of your comments x.x but I'm super addicted in games that I didn't had time =x huhu
I'd like to thank all of you for being so supportive!^_^ and for those who commented on my last posts Thank you so much!I really love reading your comments:) I will respond to them all soon, I pwamis!^^

I will be back soon, I'm actually posting this at 1:31am already I need to go to bed O.O bb dolls!~

~Love mimiஐღ


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