Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teddy and Bunny ~^.^~

Today is a busy day for me, I wanted to play with my makeup but I have to clean my store.Did I just said store? ^_^ Well,  Yes...I have a small store at home.And I sell cute stuffs, I really wanted to have an online shop, But I just don't know how to make a good website.payments and deliveries.If someone who could help me with that I would be super HAPPY!!!like this ---> ^______________^
 (suggestions please)^^

Anyway, Today I updated my store with cute teddy bear key chains.It's like a glossy rubber teddy x)
 And of course I have a set for myself too.hihi
a closer look
Look how big it is ^o^ These two were my favorite teddies^.^

*.* Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, so I wrapped her a birthday gift.Inside it is a hello kitty wallet.(silver)
I just put those cute bunnies key chains on top(cellphone key chain with holder strap).Anyway, I hope it's cute,and that she will like it :)

♥ Lately, I'm getting more and more addicted to blogging.Seems that every time I wake up, the first thing I do is open my computer and go online to check if someone followed me, or that if someone left me a message, or if I got  a new e-mail X) Of course, It makes me happy when that happens :)
Also, I'm starting to like makeups a LOT... As in every time I read someone's post about makeup, I feel like I want to buy it too.It's just very convincing hehe.Today, I had time to browse a lot of items online and I'm thinking of buying some cute things:) I'll post an update one's I received my package. for now it's a surprise...:D

Thanks for reading everyone muachhhhhhh~^.^~ *kisses

~xoxo mimiஐღ 


Coco said...

you should take some pictures of your store! :D i would love to see it! :) & for your online store what about facebook? these days people have been opening/making a profit from facebook a lot! me included! :) i'm opening a online shop soon on facebook with my friend selling goodies from korea! :D

& the present is adorable :)
you're such a nice sister!
- Coco

Coco said...

oh & for the makeup craziness,
i hope i'm not one of the people who influenced you!
hehehe ;)

Coco said...

hey mimi! :)
for now we're not doing any international shipping yet. it gets a bit complicated about the payments & shipping fees. so for now we're just open inside the country. we haven't opened our store officially yet. but it's coming soon! :) all the items are in stock but we just need to work on the design/getting the last details ready. i'll be sure to tell you about it once it's official!

- Coco

P o o p e r said...

Those are some cute bears! I agree with Coco, take pictures of your store. :3 Ahhh makeup ... D: I want to learn how to get better at it, especially with mastering the art of eye shadows. lol I've been looking up online a lot of different kinds of eye shadow brushes.

Blogging is very addicting. >.<

BottledBeauty said...

those bunnies are so cute! I'm sure your sis will love her gifts.

kaizokumousy said...

@coco- well yeah, thats also my problem for my shop.I can't ship international XD

@p o o p e r-^_^ sure I will show my store later on :) for now it still messed up XD

and yes me too x.x i'm getting addicted with pink brushes if you have any idea where to get cute brushes like this please link me to it.thank you :)

@ bottled beauty-Thank you :) If you liked it , I got a feeling my sister will too :)

sssdawna said...

did you make the bears yourself? if so you could sell on etsy.com : )

blogger is addicting and fun! i hope my posts inspire you *hehe*

augustalolita said...

its so cool how you have a store :) these are all so cuutee <3

and yes im a filipina!

Becky said...

The bunnies are really cute!


hkittygirl said...

Thank you so much for the follow Mimi! You have such a cute blog! Love the color scheme! ^-^

Jennifer and Sherry said...

what cute bears!!!

Jennifer & Sherry

Anonymous said...

so many bears!! they are very cute :D


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