Monday, September 13, 2010

Skulls and Bones,Blades and Heart♥

Hahaha I can't think of a good title for this post XD and I don't want to name it"dog tags" #_#
Today,I'm just going to share my recent accessories*.*
These are dog tags that has Skull and bones prints~ 
~oohh how I   to collect them! (even clothings:)
Actually, Japan Punk Fashion inspires me to collect this kind of accessories,Fashion and accessories brand like Sexpot revenge,Deorart,etc... when I look at those cool items on Kera magazines it makes me want to have them so bad!hehe XD I only love clean and cute punk dress up,Sometimes, when it's too much it looks dirty,so I prefer their fashion that can still be worn anywhere and would still look cute.This fashion accessories in japan cost a lot, well, not in my country ^^
ok back to the topic....

Aside from the Blade with heart I also got this Locked Heart necklace.
I liked it..but where's the key..hmmX.X anyone?:o
This one reminds me of a pirate flag~^o^~ Harrrharrr!
I got a silver Skeleton too but this black one looks cooler X)
My outfit for today... 
hehe if you will notice, I started practicing putting an eye makeup.Many says, 
I still look better without it XD well,This is just for fun :) and girls just love to play with makeups!am I right?:)
XD yeah Death- "do not eat this blade, it will cost your life!"haha

~ ~
 I'd like to thank all of you my friends for following and supporting me.And to know that someone would even follow and read my post makes me really happy.This means so much to me.Thank you!!!~^o^~ Even though I'm new to blogging, I started to feel that I love to write every little thing that makes me interested and share all my happiness with everyone.This is really fun.Sometimes, When I'm outside and I see beautiful things, I always want to share it. here .Now I know the feeling of a blogger hihi ^o^
 Thanks for reading 

~xoxo mimiஐღ


Anonymous said...

you look really cute in the last pic!!

wow many accessories! skulls are cool :D

thank you for your comment :D I would go for blushers with fine shimmer in them :)

Melody said...

Aw. They only say that because they're not used to seeing you with makeup ^-^! I used to be like that too :3 ! But I think you look good with it on x3 Just play around with it more x3

I like your oufittt <33

Clover said...

I like your style! It fits you very well ^^ and I also know this kind of 'playing with makeup' game!!! xD Love it

sssdawna said...

yes blogging is soo fun! i remember when i started...and it's only gotten more fun ^_^

i have a top with skulls and i love it, super cutie.

where did you get your top? i love the shape of it.

has anyone told you you look kind of like michelle phan when she was younger? look at her old xanga pics from when she first started out, seriously! pretty : )

siwing said...

love your outfit ! <3

and i love skulls too ^_^

VenusInVirgo said...

Cute blog ,love skulls! :)
I dont see a follow tab on top of you page? I want to follow you
care to follow my blog XOXO

✿Ji✿ said...

Your outfit is really cute, so punk-ish!:)

A tip for growing hair faster is to massage you scalp! It stimulates your roots! And eat a lot of fresh veggies!=)

sssdawna said...

you're welcome! yea i do like her vids alot! did you talk to her on blogtv the other day? it was soo fun : )

thanks for following my blog, but i don't update that one anymore : ( follow my beautyandabudget one and let's keep in touch! ^_^


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