Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh my~ Pink Kabuki Brushes!*.*

Hello dollies!~^.^~Did you like the picture above?^^ a mouse~hehe cute cute cute~.~
O.OThese brushes are really cute right??? It's PINK!*.* I told myself that from now on I will be collecting these kind of kabuki brushes and other brushes as long as it's Pink!!! :)
 I will just write a quick review about these kabuki brushes I got.
Lets start of with the Charm Luxe Kabuki brush.I love this brush because of the color, it's super soft and smooth on my face!soft soft soft soft~.~ It's like a velvet touching my face.
I'm using this for applying  shimmer blusher on my cheek.
Look how smooth the brushes is.It's thick and it did not shed on me at all.
And I got a free pink pouch for it too :) small one~ I could carry anywhere.
 Next is this Charm Kabuki brush~ It's fuschia pink *.* I got two of these.
Compare to the other brush charm luxe kabuki,  this "charm kabuki brush" is thicker and bigger.But not too big  just a little,dont let the picture fool you, It's small in personal ^^.Even it's very pink it doesnt stain at all.It did shed on me, but for me it doesnt matter, I'm still loving these ~^.^~ It's a collection!~
It's soft and I love the color so much!No free pouch for this one.
I'm using this brush for applying mineral loose powder :)
 I took these two little bunny  key chains from my shop
 these small "crystal like" bunnies  will remind me of pink brushes brushes ~*.*~hihi
It's a cute keychain for the pink kabuki pouch :)
I gifted one of my kabuki brushe unused one of course to my sister in law ^^ and she loves it!
I bought these brushes with my own money and I'm honest with my reviews=)

I have included these kabuki brushes on my store, So my friends could have the same brushes I have :) I'm also giving them a free keychain for every purhcase of this luxe brush.(the key chain will be  like this too but a different design because I only have 1 of each design on my shop)aww now I sounded like I'm promoting lol =.= haha well, it's not like that :) I just really love cute items for my shop and I'm just sharing^^ I can't wait to have an online shop:) Will you guys support me if I ever have one?^^ just wondering~

Thanks for reading
~Love mimiஐღ


siwing said...

cute brushes !

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

you got three LOL

but i really think the brushes with synthetic bristles are really good quality nowaday =)!!

Clover said...

ahhh I love them!!!! I want these brushes! *in love with pink*^^
If you have an online shop I will absolutely support you!^^

Melody said...


sssdawna said...

i've never heard of charm but how cute they are for being pink!!

i don't know how often i'd be able to purchase a cute item, but if you want to open a store you should do it! ( :

that's a cute border you have on your pics, too

Aranza said...

Ofcourse i will support your shop! I have one too and i know how hard it is...Love the brushes! where is your shop? i didnt see it here =D

P o o p e r said...

Oh the brushes are pink! <333 Hehe, you have great taste in cute things and if you ever had an online shop I would be tempted to buy all the cute items. ;A; That bunny charm is just so adorable!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I am jealous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink!

Anonymous said...

they are soo cute and they look reallllly soft. i want to touch them :P

Becky said...

They're soooo cutee!!!

Jonna said...

Those brushes are soooo cute!! ♥ x

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

kaizokumousy said...

Hello.Sure I would like to help you.But please leave your email address :) and tell me, what it is you need help :)


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