Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mousy and Kitty meets again!^o^

Yesterday, I had so much fun with my best friend kitty ^o^! We went to mall and talk about a lot of stuffs, and we took a lot of pictures together.The reason why I'm so happy to meet her is because, she's been busy with her work,and me with my store, that we never had an extra time to go out at all.=/  No no, not the kitty plushie, but my real friend in real life!^^ hehe

If you have read my older post about Etude House, I promised to take a picture of their shop.So here it is ^^
Btw, Etude House is in finally in Sta.Rosa! Which made me really happy because, that way I don't have to go to Manila(phl) just to see what's their newest product. hihi *,*
haha If i made my picture black and white it looks like Lee Min Ho beside me for real^.^ hihi
nya!! I should stop dreaming =.=
I'll show you what items I bought on my next post :)

After shopping we ate Ice cream at O My Yogurt.It's self service, You pick an ice cream flavor of your choice, then put toppings and weight it. The price defends on the weight of the icecream O.O Actually it's super yummy and unique style of serving.But what I didn't enjoyed is that it's expensive!$_$
Then we went to see new items in other shop :D
I want to buy this skeleton print bag.It really looks cool O.O
 But I didn't ,Because I want to collect make ups first ^_^
How I wish I could have a shop like this.Btw,I'll be showing you my shop soon :)

We stopped shopping when we heard these two guys playing music with their  guitar and violin.Kitty couldn't stop herself from wanting to play a song with them, So I let her jam with them for a bit.She asked if she could play the instruments,And they let her.She played a lot of music for them hehe, she's so cool! :)She Actually played "twilight" song for me.I don't know the title but if you have watched twilight, It's the one that Edward played for Bella with his piano.*.* I love it so much!
Were on our way home when we saw "Porky",One of our friend He treats us in BeanYard.I ordered Strawberry Vanila Shake, because I don't drink coffee XD

Haha we took a lot of pictures, as in a LOT!! we spammed our facebook friend's walls with our pics haha :P
well, it's been a long time since we did that anyway :) I realized that sometimes, it's good to go out and have fun with friends, It can remove stress and makes you forget problems.^. ^Actually I don't have major major problem.Hahaha :)  I'm just kidding =.= who doesn't have a problem?:o

Btw, If you would like to meet my friend kitty visit her at Sukoshikitty She is new to blog too.:)
Thanks for reading ^.^ Have a good day everyone! ^_^

~Love mimiஐღ


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

You really had fun with your friend eh? And I totally love your contact lens! Is it purple or blue? XDXD Where do you live anyway? (o.o;; )

sssdawna said...

your outfit is cute, esp the boots!!

i would have loved to hear that music too : )

Clover said...

Hi sweety!^^ yes you are mimi. I love your blog so I wanted to give you the award!^____^

oh you have so cute shops in your city. In germany/france they are never like that...>.<

(i love the oriental bb cream and absolutley recommend it. I will do a review at the weekend^^)

Clover said...

Hi sweety! Yes you are mimi!^^ I totally love your blog so I wanted to give you the award.

I like the bb cream a lot and I absolutely recommend it xD I will do a review at the weekend.

oh you have so cute shops in your city! in germany/france they are never like that...><

augustalolita said...

such cute photos <3 i love the 1st one with you and the little stuffed animal :)

~*NeNe*~ said...

arw your outfit looks so cute <3
and i love Etude House so much <3

Clover said...

Where is the comment I wrote yesterday??? oO
why can't I see it?
I don't know if you received it but if not: Yes you are Mimi. I really love to read each time your posts, so I wanted to give you the award.^^

(and about your bb cream question: I love the oriental bb cream and I will do a review the next days^^)

so I hope it will work out this time!^^

Ken said...

what a cute kitty!

was that etude house in korea?

Srish said...

very cute outfit, esp love ur boots!
Check out my blog too, m hosting a giveaway, you might be intersted!


♥ PINK DOLLY ♥ said...

amazing shops

check out my giveaway

♥ PINK DOLLY ♥ said...


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