Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lady Gaga Fashion inspired look

Hello dollies!^_^ I promised to show the hair extension and the eye glasses I bought last time so here it is.We all know that Lady Gaga loves to wear big eye glasses,weird ones so I decided to have one, because I like the way she dress up and I like her accessories hihi.This is the outfit I wore for my birthday.

 my brother's bunny "shadow"
The hair extension looks very natural right?I just clipped it  to my real hair and used a black ponytail.
I wished that my hair become longer like this^^
I had the best birthday party with my family.I know that I'm far from my friends that time because I celebrated at my brother's place,so I'm planning to have another party for my friends.I'm just happy that I have a good relationship with my brother(32) and sister(29) we have a huge age gap but that doesn't matter although I'm always treated as a baby even though I'm old enough because I'm the youngest >.< ,mom who is always there for us.My sister in law who is always like a sister to me from the beginning.And the 3 little kids. The feeling of being close with family is the best gift that anyone could have.I wanted to stay with them and see them all the time, As we are always far from each other due to work and busy schedules.But that time,I can see them work hard for me, by preparing the foods I wanted to eat.They cooked for me :) and I appreciate it so much.I received 88 eye shadow pallete, Etude House pink make up bag,nail polishes,pink brushes,and some more etude house make ups. hihi it made me happy because that's exactly the items I wanted to get ^.^ Of course I love presents, but there is nothing more that I could ever wish for than to be with my family :) 

~Love mimiஐღ


sssdawna said...

what a lovely look!! you really pull it off : ) so glad your family is close to you and made your birthday special

siwing said...

bunnie is so cute =^_^=
Happy birthday again !

and yay for 88 palette !

Momo said...

thanks for your lovely comment ^w^!
haha, the sunglasses are really fun and i love your make-up! looks good on you! happy belated birthday btw :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

wow those are great. very lady gaga. you look gorgeous too!

P o o p e r said...

You are too gorgeous! *A*
You're really pretty, and I'm loving the outfit and the glasses! Lady Gaga is pretty amazing, I'm glad for her because of her people are starting to appreciate odd styles. *-*

So happy that your birthday went well, and that you got a lot of make up <333

such.is-jaHnice said...


Ooooooo very cool photos ! Loving the make up and those glasses are so cool ! I wouldnt be able to pull them off though :(

I love putting in my hair extensions - this reminds me that I need to purchase new ones but they are so expensive :(

Good to hear that you had an amazing birthday with your family as well !



Anonymous said...

love it! such a fun look. you look hot with red lips :D

Jonna said...

Gorgeous!! I love Lady Gaga. Those glasses are super cool! x


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