Monday, September 6, 2010

I ♥ Pet Society

Hello everyone!Today I'm going to share to you a game that I loved and still loving up until now.^^The picture above is me and my virtual pet having the same eye color.Cute right?^^If you have a facebook account, and you play games, then for sure you have heard of the game called Pet Society^^ If you haven't then, I suggest that you try it because its a very cute game!

If you love pets, designing rooms,fashions and dressing up, then this is a game for you!I loved this game because I could express myself and its really fun to play! It can actually remove some stress!*.*
Well, I used to have a lot of pets mouse, hamsters and bunnies. but because I'm allergic to pets,my mom banned me from having one again v_v..They're so adorable and I missed them!T_T
Anyway,Let me introduce to you my virtual pet Mousy.She yawns, sleeps,She can sing and dance,She eats a lot and most of all,she loves to go to mall and dress up like a star!^^

Lady Gaga is that you?O.O
Taylor Swift?O.O
Theres a lot of fashion style to try out and  spending here is unlimited!Unlike in real life.haha~^^Let me take  you to her house...These are just some of the rooms I created.The first one is my valentines day theme,Second is Alice in Wonderland room,Third picture is a pirate ship!!!harharrr~ and the last one I created it just before I graduated.^^ I have made a lot if you'd like to see then we can be friends on Facebook :).Every week, there are new items, furnitures to buy from the shop.~shopping shopping~
And now for the fun part, I'll just be sharing, me and my pets looks,resemblance.These are my olds pics,I have taken these photos in different days, I usually do it after coming back from school^^I'm sorry for the poor quality of the pictures=/ I only used my webcam.

Just an extra pic.I got a request from fb they said I looked like konan of Naruto.
On this picture I requested my friend Sophia to draw my character mousy^^

The Alice in Wonderland Queen of Heart inspired won a first place in PSFC mini petsociety cosplay.yay!
I tell you,  it's not just all about make up,and fashion everyday.Sometimes, its fun to just play around and be young! I love to play games, I know I'm getting older but I'm still young at heart^^.Thanks a lot for reading my post ^^ I hoped you liked what I shared today.I'll be posting a better quality pics later on =) have a great day everyone!^.^

xoxo mimi


Nic Nic said...

Look fun to do cosplay/dressing up as those characters!

Clover said...

Oh my God!
That's so cute!!!! I will definitively try that out! I didn't know this game before. Seems like fun! So adorable!^^

kaizokumousy said...

@nic nic- ^^ thanks for the comment.Yes I had fun:)

kaizokumousy said...

@clover-yes dear i'm glad you liked it :) try it and you'll see my house.I'll send you some items and fashions just tell me when u already made the account^_^

sssdawna said...

your hair looks cute short! you're beautiful and so is your blog so i look forward to reading more...have a great day = ]


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