Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh my~ Pink Kabuki Brushes!*.*

Hello dollies!~^.^~Did you like the picture above?^^ a mouse~hehe cute cute cute~.~
O.OThese brushes are really cute right??? It's PINK!*.* I told myself that from now on I will be collecting these kind of kabuki brushes and other brushes as long as it's Pink!!! :)
 I will just write a quick review about these kabuki brushes I got.
Lets start of with the Charm Luxe Kabuki brush.I love this brush because of the color, it's super soft and smooth on my face!soft soft soft soft~.~ It's like a velvet touching my face.
I'm using this for applying  shimmer blusher on my cheek.
Look how smooth the brushes is.It's thick and it did not shed on me at all.
And I got a free pink pouch for it too :) small one~ I could carry anywhere.
 Next is this Charm Kabuki brush~ It's fuschia pink *.* I got two of these.
Compare to the other brush charm luxe kabuki,  this "charm kabuki brush" is thicker and bigger.But not too big  just a little,dont let the picture fool you, It's small in personal ^^.Even it's very pink it doesnt stain at all.It did shed on me, but for me it doesnt matter, I'm still loving these ~^.^~ It's a collection!~
It's soft and I love the color so much!No free pouch for this one.
I'm using this brush for applying mineral loose powder :)
 I took these two little bunny  key chains from my shop
 these small "crystal like" bunnies  will remind me of pink brushes brushes ~*.*~hihi
It's a cute keychain for the pink kabuki pouch :)
I gifted one of my kabuki brushe unused one of course to my sister in law ^^ and she loves it!
I bought these brushes with my own money and I'm honest with my reviews=)

I have included these kabuki brushes on my store, So my friends could have the same brushes I have :) I'm also giving them a free keychain for every purhcase of this luxe brush.(the key chain will be  like this too but a different design because I only have 1 of each design on my shop)aww now I sounded like I'm promoting lol =.= haha well, it's not like that :) I just really love cute items for my shop and I'm just sharing^^ I can't wait to have an online shop:) Will you guys support me if I ever have one?^^ just wondering~

Thanks for reading
~Love mimiஐღ

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lady Gaga Fashion inspired look

Hello dollies!^_^ I promised to show the hair extension and the eye glasses I bought last time so here it is.We all know that Lady Gaga loves to wear big eye glasses,weird ones so I decided to have one, because I like the way she dress up and I like her accessories hihi.This is the outfit I wore for my birthday.

 my brother's bunny "shadow"
The hair extension looks very natural right?I just clipped it  to my real hair and used a black ponytail.
I wished that my hair become longer like this^^
I had the best birthday party with my family.I know that I'm far from my friends that time because I celebrated at my brother's place,so I'm planning to have another party for my friends.I'm just happy that I have a good relationship with my brother(32) and sister(29) we have a huge age gap but that doesn't matter although I'm always treated as a baby even though I'm old enough because I'm the youngest >.< ,mom who is always there for us.My sister in law who is always like a sister to me from the beginning.And the 3 little kids. The feeling of being close with family is the best gift that anyone could have.I wanted to stay with them and see them all the time, As we are always far from each other due to work and busy schedules.But that time,I can see them work hard for me, by preparing the foods I wanted to eat.They cooked for me :) and I appreciate it so much.I received 88 eye shadow pallete, Etude House pink make up bag,nail polishes,pink brushes,and some more etude house make ups. hihi it made me happy because that's exactly the items I wanted to get ^.^ Of course I love presents, but there is nothing more that I could ever wish for than to be with my family :) 

~Love mimiஐღ

Sunday, September 26, 2010

2ne1 and Etude House ^.^

Hello everyone! Today I'm just stealing a lil bit of my time to blog hihi~^.^~ Today I'm celebrating my 22nd birthday with my family which I'll be sharing to you later how I happy they made me today ^_^
Anyway, Lets talk about Etude House and 2ne1.If you read my older post you know that I am really addicted to Etude House make up products.Simply because it's a Korean brand, it's pink and that Lee Min Ho my favorite actor is their model! But now that my other favorite, 2ne1 is finally their product model~ Wow! It just made me so happy!Because for sure I will have a make up to collect again!^^ If you are wondering what and who is 2ne1, They are a famous teen band in Korea :) they are really cute!!!Anyway please have fun watching this video taken from youtube :)

 Thank you so much for reading my post ^_^ Credits to youtube video owner and to google for the pics :)
Have a great day everyone!

~Love mimi~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

O.O I turned 2ne2 and my 1st Blog Award~

Hello everyone!^_^ Today I'm officially a blogger with substance!Yay! Awarded by a very sweet and cute friend of mine Clover of Trefoil Thank you so much hun!^^
I remember when I first started my blog, I've seen a lot of bloggers having these awards posted on their sidebars, and it made me think how can I get that.Now, I know that It needs to be awarded by my co bloggers/Friends, if they see you are worth having this award.I'm just happy that I am one of the chosen because it made me so happy and I didn't even expect this.So now to share the happiness with you my cute ladies~

This award comes with a few guidelines:
1.Thank the blogger who gave the award
Thank you for this Clover,It's my first blog award and It makes me really happy ^_^
2.Sum up your blogging philosophy,motivation, and experiences in five words
LOvE, LiFe, HaPPiNess, CuTe, Friendship~
3.Pass this on to other bloggers that you feel have substance in their blogs

*Nene of cupcake-gal
*Audrey of Hkittygirl
*SssDawna of Beauty and Budget
*P o o p e r of Bows and Macarons

I chose them simply because I love their blogs ^_^

And I'm also sharing you ladies  this friendship-award^^
I have to list 10 things I like, and so have you~
Love and Peace
~ for me and everyone, I like quiet places,peaceful surroundings.
~ A freedom for me to decide, and choose who and what I want!
~ woot! well I can't live without it~ I'll be playing games even I get old^^
~ Because fashion gives me a freedom to show who I am...and express myself.
~ For me,it's like a diary,where I can share everything I LOVE to the whole world!hihi
~ everything PINK~ no exemptions .I don't know why I'm so attracted to this color hehe.
Cute Things
whether its a pet,a game, or accessories, i love it all!
Yummy Food
~ Who woudnt want to eat delicious food?O.o hehehe nomnomnom I love eating hee
~ gives me a sugar rush hehe~^.^~
~ I'll die without it!!! O.O

haha that was fun!^o^ Now its your turn ladies~:)

Btw, Today I turned 22.Wow!I'm getting older, hehe but I have to accept that it's a part of life, Nothing's change, I just need to grow up a little bit because I am still as childish as ever lol.
Right now, I'm staying at my brother's place.He picked me up last week because he wants to celebrate my birthday at his place O.o he is much excited than me, hehe~ For a week I stayed at his place,I played with his pet rabbit, and been going out a lot to eat outside with my whole family, and we went shopping too.I bought a wig,a lady gaga sunglasses and a black socks.I'll show you how it would look like on me :) oh and it's not lady gaga wig ok?hehe

Btw, for those wondering what my best friend played for me, from my last post
I know now, It's  tittle is Bella's Lullaby^^

Thank you for reading and for commenting on my post.I really love reading all your comments!^_^
I hope you are all having fun today!Now, I have to go and prepare for my birthday ~bb for now ^^

~Love mimiஐღ

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mousy and Kitty meets again!^o^

Yesterday, I had so much fun with my best friend kitty ^o^! We went to mall and talk about a lot of stuffs, and we took a lot of pictures together.The reason why I'm so happy to meet her is because, she's been busy with her work,and me with my store, that we never had an extra time to go out at all.=/  No no, not the kitty plushie, but my real friend in real life!^^ hehe

If you have read my older post about Etude House, I promised to take a picture of their shop.So here it is ^^
Btw, Etude House is in finally in Sta.Rosa! Which made me really happy because, that way I don't have to go to Manila(phl) just to see what's their newest product. hihi *,*
haha If i made my picture black and white it looks like Lee Min Ho beside me for real^.^ hihi
nya!! I should stop dreaming =.=
I'll show you what items I bought on my next post :)

After shopping we ate Ice cream at O My Yogurt.It's self service, You pick an ice cream flavor of your choice, then put toppings and weight it. The price defends on the weight of the icecream O.O Actually it's super yummy and unique style of serving.But what I didn't enjoyed is that it's expensive!$_$
Then we went to see new items in other shop :D
I want to buy this skeleton print bag.It really looks cool O.O
 But I didn't ,Because I want to collect make ups first ^_^
How I wish I could have a shop like this.Btw,I'll be showing you my shop soon :)

We stopped shopping when we heard these two guys playing music with their  guitar and violin.Kitty couldn't stop herself from wanting to play a song with them, So I let her jam with them for a bit.She asked if she could play the instruments,And they let her.She played a lot of music for them hehe, she's so cool! :)She Actually played "twilight" song for me.I don't know the title but if you have watched twilight, It's the one that Edward played for Bella with his piano.*.* I love it so much!
Were on our way home when we saw "Porky",One of our friend He treats us in BeanYard.I ordered Strawberry Vanila Shake, because I don't drink coffee XD

Haha we took a lot of pictures, as in a LOT!! we spammed our facebook friend's walls with our pics haha :P
well, it's been a long time since we did that anyway :) I realized that sometimes, it's good to go out and have fun with friends, It can remove stress and makes you forget problems.^. ^Actually I don't have major major problem.Hahaha :)  I'm just kidding =.= who doesn't have a problem?:o

Btw, If you would like to meet my friend kitty visit her at Sukoshikitty She is new to blog too.:)
Thanks for reading ^.^ Have a good day everyone! ^_^

~Love mimiஐღ

Monday, September 20, 2010

Woohoo! ^o^

Hello everyone!^_^ I'm sorry for not being active this week as I've been very busy in real life and in my new game Jade Dynasty, which I'll be making a review later for my gamer friends :)

Today, I am soooo HAPPY because I finally got my passport!^o^! woohoo!!! *jumps
I think I waited for almost three months for this >.< well that's because we got a slow process of papers here in my place which is really really sad. =/ 

Hihi after getting my passport we went to mall and visited shops.I checked toki doki stuffs, so kawaii~^.^~ After shopping, Me and my sister got hungry so we end up eating lasagna,salad,etc.. at Sabbro. hee I don't like Italian food so much, but my sister love's pasta x.x so we still ate there.Anyway, after that we went home and I'm so tired so I'm going to bed =.=

Only 5 days left and it's my birthday!!! ^_^ I can't wait! I told my mom and everyone in my family what gift I wanted lol!I know it sound  like this--> O.O, but I just told them that I want something that I can use and those are make ups!^.^  haha.I really need some beauty sleep~ so I'm goin now.Have a great day everyone!


Funny Face Beauty Giveaway!

Woot!~ Another giveaway for us!heehee :) If you'd like to join please please visit Alicia  at "Funny Face Beauty"and Please do check her post too as you'll see it's very interesting to join her Make up challenge!^^

I joined and hope I win! I wanted to win that Naked Pallet! XD


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Roony Took my letter,my Jade Dynasty!

Hello everyone! I just want to share that to today I finally received my long awaited game, Jade Dynasty!!!^0^ wooohoo Sooo excited!I really love games :)
(I was busy talking when all of a sudden...)

 Roony took my letter!!!O.O
I tried taking back my letter from Roony as I wanted to be the one to open it >.<
Roony runs around the corner and starts crying T_T (look how sad Roony is)
I had no choice but to give Roony my letter,
and let him open it for me^_^.
The mail includes pictures,a letter and my game!!!yay!
Roony end up playing my game Jade Dynasty while me just staring at him XD
the end..

~ ~
 My Roony bear is a gift to me by a japanese friend of mine.It's from Mocopalcchi. I received it on my last year's birthday.hmm I wonder what will be my gifts on my my coming birthday ~*.*~

 Today I also ordered my pink kabuki brushes :) I can't wait for it!

 This post was inspired by Audrey of htkittygirl, her post about Megumi and Riprip. I really loved the way she wrote it so I thought I would like to give it a try^^ have a great day everyon!:)

~Thanks for reading ^_^~

~love mimiஐღ 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teddy and Bunny ~^.^~

Today is a busy day for me, I wanted to play with my makeup but I have to clean my store.Did I just said store? ^_^ Well,  Yes...I have a small store at home.And I sell cute stuffs, I really wanted to have an online shop, But I just don't know how to make a good website.payments and deliveries.If someone who could help me with that I would be super HAPPY!!!like this ---> ^______________^
 (suggestions please)^^

Anyway, Today I updated my store with cute teddy bear key chains.It's like a glossy rubber teddy x)
 And of course I have a set for myself too.hihi
a closer look
Look how big it is ^o^ These two were my favorite teddies^.^

*.* Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, so I wrapped her a birthday gift.Inside it is a hello kitty wallet.(silver)
I just put those cute bunnies key chains on top(cellphone key chain with holder strap).Anyway, I hope it's cute,and that she will like it :)

♥ Lately, I'm getting more and more addicted to blogging.Seems that every time I wake up, the first thing I do is open my computer and go online to check if someone followed me, or that if someone left me a message, or if I got  a new e-mail X) Of course, It makes me happy when that happens :)
Also, I'm starting to like makeups a LOT... As in every time I read someone's post about makeup, I feel like I want to buy it too.It's just very convincing hehe.Today, I had time to browse a lot of items online and I'm thinking of buying some cute things:) I'll post an update one's I received my package. for now it's a surprise...:D

Thanks for reading everyone muachhhhhhh~^.^~ *kisses

~xoxo mimiஐღ 


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