Friday, August 20, 2010

The secret behind my anime look♥

J4F post #1
Just for fun post. I'll be sharing to you too how I got this Anime looking picture!^^

I always adore how cool anime characters look like, long rainbow hair, and cute looking eyes.Now that we can wear contact lenses, and wigs Its not hard to look like them too!But, there is nothing simpler than getting the eye &  hair dye color you want in just 30seconds!
The secret behind this is GIMP.I can make a lot of dolly looks with it.^^ and here's how I made it.
Original pic
my hair has yellow highlights
 I'm wearing a contact lens
In choosing a picture, Pick the one that is lighter..I chose this picture because my face and half of my hair is exposed to light, making my face and body look natural white.In addition to that half side of my hair can easily be colored. The darker part of the hair is hard to color.If i did it won't look so natural.

air brush
mode:soft light
Brush:Circle Fuzzy (19)

air brush
mode:hard light
Brush:Circle Fuzzy (09)]
as for scale, make it smaller if you want a small line.
Rate and Pressure, It depends also on how u want the color to be.darker or lighter.

I also added a little bit of orange color on top of my eyes,and fake eyelashes using small brush.Since I'm wearing a dolly lenses, my eyes looked bigger.So I just airbrush it to brighten up the color.And because it was fun to dye hairs and change eye color I made more ^^

This is a picture a friend gave me, and this is how I discovered gimp^_^
 We look like dolls here!

mousy and kitty
So far, I had fun using gimp.There's a lot of editing softwares, but I find Gimp interesting and easy to use.Aside from that its a small file which can be downloaded easily.For sure I'll be playing with this a lil bit more and maybe i'll make a much better picture ^.^


Anonymous said...

OMgosh!you look so cool and sooo cute!!!

kaizokumousy said...

=)thank you!


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