Friday, August 6, 2010

My Etude House Discovery

The good thing about having a sister is that they always remember you when they go shopping ^.^
I received this cute box from my sister saying that its a small reward for studying hard.But now that I graduated does that mean I will no longer get a reward?o.o 
The very first item that I took and made me really really happy was this plastic folder, It's Lee Min!!!
Omg! I asked my sister, does she know how much I love this actor?hahaha ^.^  but honestly she doesn't have any idea who he is.And I asked where did she get it.She said that its from "Etude House" shop.
I discovered that Lee Min Ho is the model of it.^.^ And thats how I started to be interested on Etude House.hmmm...I wonder whats inside the box?

 Just some cute stuffs! ^.^

Please click on the pictures for better viewing ^_^

So this is the Etude House Romantic hand mirror and Romantic hair brush.If i'll be naming it, I'll call it "Gothic Lolita Romantic Mirror and brush" hehe ^^ 
These reminds me of an anime character using this kind of mirror and brush.Its really cute!The product has a good quality.The brush is really soft andthe mirror is clear too.
And here is the back view.I really love the design.Rose and hearts makes it looks elegant.

I also got this nail polish.Well, I don't really know what product number is this >.<

Just playing for a bit^^ I used the nail polish and stickers for the design.=)
(stickers are not from etude house) 
My sister also got me these Nail Art Pens from Etude House.She knows how I love to draw on my nails ^^
A white nail art pen and Code B is black.I think its the newest series that  Etude house have.A must have basic color for lining! ^^

I also got this  nail color remover.Cute isn't? :P its Pink + it smells goooood too!^^

The last but not the least is this cute Etude House tweezers.What I love about this is that it got a PINK and soft handle.A good quality also^^

So far I loved the products of Etude house.^_^ and I'm so happy to know that Lee Min is the model!hahaha^o^


Anonymous said...

0hhhhhhh how I love your nails very creative!

kaizokumousy said...

thank you =)


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