Friday, August 27, 2010

~Mousy~ in Perfect World

One of the best game I played is Perfect World and it's not just a name, the game itself is truly perfect! ^^
I'd say that it's the "best" because, the game got almost everything I could ask for.Anything that I could think about, is all in this game.I could fly, swim, walk, run and ride cool mounts like lions, horses,dragons and many more!It's not just playing an ordinary game,It's like logging into the game and finding yourself in a new world full of surprises.It's a very beautiful place,it's like a paradise.The surrounding is really great.It's very addicting!

One of the best features of this game that I liked is that I could freely customize my very own unique character!I could change my character's hair style, face,eye color, lips,body size and height.

There's a lot of actions that I could do too,characters have voices,they can kiss and cuddle!The game is really sweet :) The male characters could carry females even when they fly around.They could marry too.I think in some servers they could build their own houses^^

There are different types of characters in Perfect World.These are the Human, Elven, and Beast.Each have different kind of stories to unlock during quests,the game has a lot of secrets to unfold which is very interesting!

Both female and male humans have two classes, they can either be a swordsman or mage. Swordsman's are very cool looking, they are strong and have a good physical defense. Mages have very powerful spells and very high damage and have a high magic defense. My favorite is their water dragon spell.It's really cool looking :) Humans can fly using magical swords.

Wo! Elves is one of my favorite characters in PW because they have this cute angel wings!^^ They can also wear different kinds of wings =) These elves have two classes.They can either be an Archers or a Priest.Archers have strong critical hits and they are really fast ^^ Preist  are very helpful in battle.They have skills that are really needed in the game.They have buffs that could dramatically increase defense and hit rate.They are healers too. wooo!!!


Rawwrr!!! You don't want to mess up with this characters! Beast are considered to have the most  strongest defense in the game.Male beast can be werewolf, panda or lions.They are the TANKS, a BIG character!o.o They have a huge amount of health and very very strong defense! really scary! O.O They can transform into a white tiger.They can fly by riding flying pets.

And here's my favorite character^^ The Were fox
Were fox are female beast that are half human and half fox.They can transform into a fox:) sooo cute!^^
I like to play this character because they can tame different kinds of animals and command them to fight for them or defend them :) cute pets!Well my character build is a Warrior fox,so I have a very good defense  against magic and physical attacks.I also have a balance magic power.I named my character~Mousy~ even  though I know it's a fox.

Here is a picture of my characters.Me and my friend own all of theses characters.My werefox is the one with the pink hair wearing a red dress =) One of the things I love from this game is that I could actually buy fashions for them, dye clothings to a color I wanted and dress them all up!^_^
Here's a picture of me and two of my best warrior friends ^_^ My werefox is wearing warrior's armor!^o^ who says female fox can't be a warrior?!:P

Games are not good without a Guild with people who you could call's a picture of  me with some of my guild mates.This was taken last year's xmas^^
And a picture taken during an events :)
~Mousy~ & my pet cheeze ,Lance,Liorr and Nibler, 
I really enjoyed playing this game!If I'm not mistaken ,I think I played this game for more than two years! Who wouldn't be hooked into a game where you could explore the big wonderful world.As in really the place is soooo wonderful It just can't get out of my mind XD. I never regretted playing this game and I would recommend it to anyone who like to play fantasy MMO games.

I only stopped playing this, after I finished my goals in the game.Like getting the build I wanted,collected all the fashions, all the pets and armors:)

Soon I'll start playing Jade Dynasty.It's a game from the makers of perfect world too, So I know for sure It would be a great game!Right now,I'm just waiting for the installers from the US to arrive.I'm really excited for it.I can't wait!^.^

~I'd like to thank Google for some of the pics
~I just made this post because I miss playing MMO games^^


Anonymous said...

Your blog is neat!!!really cute!!!
I play perfect world too!but in international server:D

nicoletta said...

I tag you to answer my questions too hun. Dont worry after a while you will have no end of people tagging you x

nicoletta said...

Hi hun i have tagged you to do those questions. x

kaizokumousy said...

:)aww your so sweet nicoletta.I'm glad you let me join ^_^ makes me happy!

Janine said...

are you still playing perfect world mi? i wanna join ^_^

kaizokumousy said...

@janine-No kits =/ I quitted a long time ago.I just made a review because I'm missing the game.But this time I'll start a different MMO :) I'll tell you about it once I have my cd^^


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