Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Love Giveaways!

"I  Giveaways!
 YOU ♥  Giveaways!
 Who wants to win those pretty and lovely items?^.^
If you are bored and wants some fun,
then what are you waiting for? Join a contest now!!!"

Ok...So please do not misunderstand.I am not running a contest here, I'm just giving a shout to everyone and showing some support to those people who are running a contest!

If you would like to join for some FUN then please check my side bar...
Yes..yes just scroll down a lil bit and you'll see what I mean!^^ 
BUT! please come back...scroll up because I'm not done talking here yet!>.

One of the things I love to do aside from blogging is joining a contest.Please don't think that I only joined here for that! of course not! I can simply buy those prizes with my own money,but where's the fun in that?o.o
Joining a contest is a different feeling because it gets me excited to see who will win the competition.Joining is really simple, just follow their rules and that's it!It doesn't matter if I win or not, as long that I had fun!^.^

I am a very supportive person.And I'd give me best to cheer people up! =) So I thought that joining them would make them happy.And it's not just following them for that, I make sure to visit their post that interest me and leave them some comments, I also visit each and every blog I joined when they have new post. I think that it's also the best way to meet new friends and find more interesting topics and products to try out!
If you are reading this and you are running a contest, leave me a comment and I'd be glad to support you!
If you are just passing by please don't forget to follow me, and be sure to always check my sidebar for new contest and events as I always update them!:) there will always be a new one because I hunt them hahaha!

Thanks for reading!
Have a good day and Have fun everyone!^^


Emma said...

Hi, Well I am planning to do a giveaway, when I get back from japan which will probably be in about a months time. I'm new to blogging but keen to gain a few followers and have a give away

if you're interested.Theres more info on my blog

kaizokumousy said...

Sure dear =) I would love to join you ^^

Clover said...

I just leave a comment because I really like this post and I have to say that I always check your sidebar! And I found a lot of really interesting blogs because of you, so thanks a lot!!!^^

kaizokumousy said...

^_^ I'm glad that you appreciate it clover.Well the good thing on that is that I only choose those blogs that have interesting topics and are active bloggers too!^^


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