Sunday, August 1, 2010

Geo Nudy Quarter Pink Review

Ever wonder how I got these sweet princess looking eyes?  It's cute,Isn't it? I look like an anime character^.^  In this picture I'm wearing the newest color of Geo Circle Lens, Nudy Quarter Pink.
Oh my! I really love these lenses! It has a diameter of 14.00 which makes my eyes look bigger like dolls.
with a flash
This is how the lenses looks like on a minimal lighting .As you can see it looks natural on me.In a different lighting the lens can be different color, right now it looks dark grayish pink. I super love these lenses since PINK is my favorite color.I will surely wear these a lot!

The print looks like this

I also have this Hello Kitty contact lens kit.Its sooo cute!!!

The kit includes a lens case with hello kitty face printed on it and a pick up tong which is used to get the lenses from the case easily.That way I'm assured that I won't scratch my lenses even I have long nails.Inside it is a mirror.It's good because that way I could remove or put on my contact lenses anywhere I am.I just have to make sure that my hands are clean (^^,)

Its small like a make up kit ^^ 

I'm so in love with these pink case and pink lenses I got!^_^


Aaron said...

Wow this is really well made very professional makes me want to get some pink contact lens X)

Mimi said...

^.^ I think you should get a grey or a brown one because you are a guy.heehee

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You are so pretty! :) I love the look on you. The color is really nice!

Mimi said...

Rainy days and Lattes-Thank you^_^ I'm glad that you liked it.


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