Monday, August 30, 2010

Secret Campus

I just thought that I'd be sharing how happy I am to see this  Secret Campus dvd in the shop!^.^I went outside with my mom for a jog.I was actually having a second thought of going with her in the first place since its already late and I'm a  little bit lazy ,but I still went with her anyway.We went for a quick run then I checked up on a dvd store to see if there's anything interesting.And to my surprise I saw "Secret Campus"! I wouldn't even give attention to it if I didn't know anyone from it,But just seeing Lee Min Ho in the cover just made me want to watch it already! o.o
 So now... I'm just happy that my mom forced  me to go with her. heehee~^.^~

Modern students experience considerable stress during their school years; there is a strong focus on positive presentation and personality, as well as achieving good grades and encouraging athleticism. These demands are made without considering each student's individuality and strengths. This school-centered drama discusses the central theme outlined above and depicts the lives and relationships of six high school students, each of whom has different dreams and goals which they struggle to achieve, despite trials and tribulations.

I found out from the seller that this film is old, but I'm still glad to find and have a copy of it :) Now I could watch Lee Min Ho's acting when he was younger hihi :)

I know for sure that this is going be a good one,I'm really excited so I guess I'll be leaving for now and start watching this :) I think a strawberry ice cream is a good match for this ^.^ hihi

Thanks for reading!~:)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

★Tag 8 questions ★

I'm pretty new to blogging and I don't know what else to do aside from writing a review.As I'm browsing other profiles, I've seen posts with tags and they answer questions tagged to them.I think it's pretty fun and I wanted to try it too.So It got me a lil curious how they get this questions =) I'm just happy because this pretty lady entertained me. Thank you Nicoletta^_^ I think It's really sweet of her to tag me ^^ actually I really want to answer these questions^^ So here it goes...

1.What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
★ Strawberry ice cream ^.^
-I just read a post about ice cream personality from and it says that "If you are a strawberry lover, you are shy yet emotionally robust. You can be skeptical, detail-oriented, opinionated, introverted, and self-critical" o.o 

2.How many times have you really been in love?
★ one time.. 
3.Favorite body lotion?
★ Johnson's baby lotion. Lavender. I love the way it smells,very calming.

4.Do you believe in spirits/ghost?
★ Yes. But I think, there is nothing to be scared of...

5. Whats your favourite drink? Alcoholic or soft drink? 

6. Do you have a big family?

7. Did you have a nickname at school?
★Yup and I love the nickname they gave me."Mimi"

8. What 1 makeup/ skincare item are you lusting after?
BB creams^_^

I just thought that I'd be sharing this video, for my #4 answer.

Thank you for watching:) It's Ai Otsuka's Kingyo Hanabi

Here's my 8 questions:
1.What is the most expensive gift you have ever received from someone?
2.What is your favorite movie of all time?
3.If you could only bring one thing in your bag, what's it gonna be?
4. Money or fame?
5.If you could get a free trip to other country, In which country would u like to go?
6. What is your favorite lipstick color?
7. If you could have a different eye color, what eye color would you like?
8. Curly or straight hair?

I'll tag this questions to:

Well since I don't have many followers I don't know who else to tag =/
So I'll just be leaving this questions to people who's interested to answer them :) Just don't forget to tell me so I could read your answers :)

I really had fun with these questions :) thanks for the tag^_^ I'm looking forward for the next one^.^

Friday, August 27, 2010

~Mousy~ in Perfect World

One of the best game I played is Perfect World and it's not just a name, the game itself is truly perfect! ^^
I'd say that it's the "best" because, the game got almost everything I could ask for.Anything that I could think about, is all in this game.I could fly, swim, walk, run and ride cool mounts like lions, horses,dragons and many more!It's not just playing an ordinary game,It's like logging into the game and finding yourself in a new world full of surprises.It's a very beautiful place,it's like a paradise.The surrounding is really great.It's very addicting!

One of the best features of this game that I liked is that I could freely customize my very own unique character!I could change my character's hair style, face,eye color, lips,body size and height.

There's a lot of actions that I could do too,characters have voices,they can kiss and cuddle!The game is really sweet :) The male characters could carry females even when they fly around.They could marry too.I think in some servers they could build their own houses^^

There are different types of characters in Perfect World.These are the Human, Elven, and Beast.Each have different kind of stories to unlock during quests,the game has a lot of secrets to unfold which is very interesting!

Both female and male humans have two classes, they can either be a swordsman or mage. Swordsman's are very cool looking, they are strong and have a good physical defense. Mages have very powerful spells and very high damage and have a high magic defense. My favorite is their water dragon spell.It's really cool looking :) Humans can fly using magical swords.

Wo! Elves is one of my favorite characters in PW because they have this cute angel wings!^^ They can also wear different kinds of wings =) These elves have two classes.They can either be an Archers or a Priest.Archers have strong critical hits and they are really fast ^^ Preist  are very helpful in battle.They have skills that are really needed in the game.They have buffs that could dramatically increase defense and hit rate.They are healers too. wooo!!!


Rawwrr!!! You don't want to mess up with this characters! Beast are considered to have the most  strongest defense in the game.Male beast can be werewolf, panda or lions.They are the TANKS, a BIG character!o.o They have a huge amount of health and very very strong defense! really scary! O.O They can transform into a white tiger.They can fly by riding flying pets.

And here's my favorite character^^ The Were fox
Were fox are female beast that are half human and half fox.They can transform into a fox:) sooo cute!^^
I like to play this character because they can tame different kinds of animals and command them to fight for them or defend them :) cute pets!Well my character build is a Warrior fox,so I have a very good defense  against magic and physical attacks.I also have a balance magic power.I named my character~Mousy~ even  though I know it's a fox.

Here is a picture of my characters.Me and my friend own all of theses characters.My werefox is the one with the pink hair wearing a red dress =) One of the things I love from this game is that I could actually buy fashions for them, dye clothings to a color I wanted and dress them all up!^_^
Here's a picture of me and two of my best warrior friends ^_^ My werefox is wearing warrior's armor!^o^ who says female fox can't be a warrior?!:P

Games are not good without a Guild with people who you could call's a picture of  me with some of my guild mates.This was taken last year's xmas^^
And a picture taken during an events :)
~Mousy~ & my pet cheeze ,Lance,Liorr and Nibler, 
I really enjoyed playing this game!If I'm not mistaken ,I think I played this game for more than two years! Who wouldn't be hooked into a game where you could explore the big wonderful world.As in really the place is soooo wonderful It just can't get out of my mind XD. I never regretted playing this game and I would recommend it to anyone who like to play fantasy MMO games.

I only stopped playing this, after I finished my goals in the game.Like getting the build I wanted,collected all the fashions, all the pets and armors:)

Soon I'll start playing Jade Dynasty.It's a game from the makers of perfect world too, So I know for sure It would be a great game!Right now,I'm just waiting for the installers from the US to arrive.I'm really excited for it.I can't wait!^.^

~I'd like to thank Google for some of the pics
~I just made this post because I miss playing MMO games^^

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kaizokumousy in Tales of Pirates

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One of the game that I will never forget is Tales of Pirates.I used to play this game when I was younger.And this is how I got my name Kaizokumousy.
Kaizoku is a Japanese word means "pirate" . I added mousy because mouse is my favorite pet =) After being so addicted and spending hundreds of hours to this game, my name later on became popular.But because it's hard to pronounce it, they called me "kai".

In the game you need to choose between two sides, Pirates or Navy.And of course I chose to be a pirate! harrr harrr!!! :D The game was fun because I could play in land and sea.I could explore the ocean using different kinds of ships, fight sea monsters with cannons, explore for a new island and go for some treasure hunting. Adventure is waiting in land by traveling to different cities, go to bars and hang out with friends to chat.If I'm looking for some fights then arena is the place to go.^^

My character is a voyager and I'm powerful in the sea because I have water skills that no other character can have.Here's a picture of my cute character and my pet^_^

There are also  lots of guilds competing, and their goal of course is to be number one.I used to be in Oni of the Seas, then move in different guilds until I moved to Apex, it is said to be one of the best guilds.After I left this game, I heard they defeated the dragon, It's the hardest monster to kill that time. After that,I never heard from them anymore.and that's because there's no facebook before its hard to connect with people =/ but I hoped that one day they'll stumble on this blog and add me up=)  Well anyway, that is one reason I'm posting this.I'm just missing a lot of people in the game.

Here's a picture of the ranking I took a long time ago.I'm in 20th place/100

click on the picture for a larger view

When It comes to graphics and game style I'd honestly say that this game is poor.The character skills is not balance,and the leveling is bad too, because it takes forever to level up!And if you wanted to be stronger, you need to have real money to spend in the mall to buy some equipments and berries to help you boost your leveling.I'm only saying it based on my own in game experience.After playing other MMO's, that is when I realized it.
I know that this game isn't the best game that you could find out there, but I'd say that this is where I found the best  people in the game=)
* I just made this post because I'm kind of missing my old friends in the game.I wanted to say their names but they're too many to mention >.<
*I have no intention of saying bad things about the game.I'm just being honest. I actually loved the game even it's not the best=)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Etude House first visit ^.^

Weeeee!I finally had my first visit at Etude House! ^.^ and it was just my luck too. My bro and sisters were having a difficulty deciding where to eat, so I suggested that maybe we could just go to Festival Mall. they didn't agree at first but in the end I won ^o^!

So after eating I went to visit Etude House. WOW! I love the shop! I wish I could have a shop like that!o.o sadly I wasn't able to take a picture of the shop because I'm not prepared for it =/ I'll just take some on my next visit:) Anyway here are some of the items I picked from their shop.

I got this Tear Drop Liner (398php).It's available in three colors, no.1 white tear, no.2 khaki gold and no.3 pearl sparkle or pink.I took the white tear because I like the silver glitter effect.It's very easy to apply & I love it!^^ I like it better than the other glitter eyeliner I'm using before.

 I also got a Code B cream liner (498php) which is available in three strong black,no.2 secret black, no.3 strong brown.Actually, the one I ordered is strong black no.1 but the saleslady didn't gave me the right one =/ she gave me no.2 and I only noticed after we got home and tested it. The black cream liner has some gold glitters when applied.Not purely black. Anyway its not that bad,because I still liked it. But  then I learned my lesson.Next time, I will always check what I'm about to purchase!
The packaging is cute^^  It also comes with a small makeup brush with

& Here's a closeup picture.
The cream eyeliner is not sticky.It's waterproof and smudge proof.And yes I tried and tested it,It really does not wear off =) I'm so happy! because it does not give me a panda eyes!o.o

 Eyeliners and mascaras are really hard to remove and I'm always having trouble removing them so I got myself a mascara remover(198php).I liked this because it's pink and it smells nice too, like a baby powder.^.^

"ONE SHOT" yup it's so true! it removed my water proof eyeliner and mascara in one quick swipe!

I always liked to have Jan Di's (bof) lip color, so I got one of this Dear Darling Tint (198php)t.This is actually available in  three berry red, no.2 real red, and no.3 orange red. I got the orange red, I liked this one better because it gives me a ketchup finish!Its like a natural kissable lips just like after I ate a ketchup^^, I also think this one is better for my lips because every time I try dark red lip tints it turned to be darker color, so this orange is better, makes my lips naturally red.

I love this lip tint because its not sticky & It last long =) it smells good + it doesn't have a bitter taste unlike other lip tints + 1point^^
maybe I'll try dear darling tint no.2 next time =)

And I also got a  BB cream.I always wanted to have one of this ever since.It's really popular in Asia.
If I'm not mistaken this one cost 948php.Actually it's worth it because it works perfectly on my skin.I'll be doing some review about this product on my next post :) 

Weee I'm just super lucky that Etude House is in the Philippines!I noticed that Etude House products in the Philippines were cheaper compared to Singapore and in US.They are popular on the net especially on teens and they have a really good quality products.I'm so happy that they established a shop here too hihi=) lucky too because this is the kind of shop I'm looking for!^.^
front view
^.^Oh before I forgot to say, this is what I got for free.It's a diary with Lee Min Ho picture as a cover!OMG!!! I love love love love this cute diary so much!If I'm not mistaken, this is a limited edition.I hope not :) You can have this free when the receipt reached 2k+ I think.The pen with heart wings is not included, I got it from my sister (ai) She gave it to me so my diary can have a partner hihi ^.^
so... I get to be his girl after purchasing Etude House products? ^^ tell me how many more I should buy so I could have you Lee Min hahaha XD
actually I want to be their shop's Model!heehee

*Note: All the products I have mentioned are purchased with my own money.Everthing I wrote here is purely  honest opinion only.I am not paid to do a review for this products.=)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The secret behind my anime look♥

J4F post #1
Just for fun post. I'll be sharing to you too how I got this Anime looking picture!^^

I always adore how cool anime characters look like, long rainbow hair, and cute looking eyes.Now that we can wear contact lenses, and wigs Its not hard to look like them too!But, there is nothing simpler than getting the eye &  hair dye color you want in just 30seconds!
The secret behind this is GIMP.I can make a lot of dolly looks with it.^^ and here's how I made it.
Original pic
my hair has yellow highlights
 I'm wearing a contact lens
In choosing a picture, Pick the one that is lighter..I chose this picture because my face and half of my hair is exposed to light, making my face and body look natural white.In addition to that half side of my hair can easily be colored. The darker part of the hair is hard to color.If i did it won't look so natural.

air brush
mode:soft light
Brush:Circle Fuzzy (19)

air brush
mode:hard light
Brush:Circle Fuzzy (09)]
as for scale, make it smaller if you want a small line.
Rate and Pressure, It depends also on how u want the color to be.darker or lighter.

I also added a little bit of orange color on top of my eyes,and fake eyelashes using small brush.Since I'm wearing a dolly lenses, my eyes looked bigger.So I just airbrush it to brighten up the color.And because it was fun to dye hairs and change eye color I made more ^^

This is a picture a friend gave me, and this is how I discovered gimp^_^
 We look like dolls here!

mousy and kitty
So far, I had fun using gimp.There's a lot of editing softwares, but I find Gimp interesting and easy to use.Aside from that its a small file which can be downloaded easily.For sure I'll be playing with this a lil bit more and maybe i'll make a much better picture ^.^

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Etude House Discovery

The good thing about having a sister is that they always remember you when they go shopping ^.^
I received this cute box from my sister saying that its a small reward for studying hard.But now that I graduated does that mean I will no longer get a reward?o.o 
The very first item that I took and made me really really happy was this plastic folder, It's Lee Min!!!
Omg! I asked my sister, does she know how much I love this actor?hahaha ^.^  but honestly she doesn't have any idea who he is.And I asked where did she get it.She said that its from "Etude House" shop.
I discovered that Lee Min Ho is the model of it.^.^ And thats how I started to be interested on Etude House.hmmm...I wonder whats inside the box?

 Just some cute stuffs! ^.^

Please click on the pictures for better viewing ^_^

So this is the Etude House Romantic hand mirror and Romantic hair brush.If i'll be naming it, I'll call it "Gothic Lolita Romantic Mirror and brush" hehe ^^ 
These reminds me of an anime character using this kind of mirror and brush.Its really cute!The product has a good quality.The brush is really soft andthe mirror is clear too.
And here is the back view.I really love the design.Rose and hearts makes it looks elegant.

I also got this nail polish.Well, I don't really know what product number is this >.<

Just playing for a bit^^ I used the nail polish and stickers for the design.=)
(stickers are not from etude house) 
My sister also got me these Nail Art Pens from Etude House.She knows how I love to draw on my nails ^^
A white nail art pen and Code B is black.I think its the newest series that  Etude house have.A must have basic color for lining! ^^

I also got this  nail color remover.Cute isn't? :P its Pink + it smells goooood too!^^

The last but not the least is this cute Etude House tweezers.What I love about this is that it got a PINK and soft handle.A good quality also^^

So far I loved the products of Etude house.^_^ and I'm so happy to know that Lee Min is the model!hahaha^o^

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Geo Nudy Quarter Pink Review

Ever wonder how I got these sweet princess looking eyes?  It's cute,Isn't it? I look like an anime character^.^  In this picture I'm wearing the newest color of Geo Circle Lens, Nudy Quarter Pink.
Oh my! I really love these lenses! It has a diameter of 14.00 which makes my eyes look bigger like dolls.
with a flash
This is how the lenses looks like on a minimal lighting .As you can see it looks natural on me.In a different lighting the lens can be different color, right now it looks dark grayish pink. I super love these lenses since PINK is my favorite color.I will surely wear these a lot!

The print looks like this

I also have this Hello Kitty contact lens kit.Its sooo cute!!!

The kit includes a lens case with hello kitty face printed on it and a pick up tong which is used to get the lenses from the case easily.That way I'm assured that I won't scratch my lenses even I have long nails.Inside it is a mirror.It's good because that way I could remove or put on my contact lenses anywhere I am.I just have to make sure that my hands are clean (^^,)

Its small like a make up kit ^^ 

I'm so in love with these pink case and pink lenses I got!^_^


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