Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My BOF Addiction part 1

My favorite Korean drama ever!
Yes it was true!I wasn't able to resist watching the new F4 "Boys Over Flowers".I'd say that this is the first time I liked a Korean film so  much!
I know, my reaction is so late since this film was released last year, but that's because I don't really watch Korean drama.My best friend only forced me too.Actually, I didn't really regret it, In fact I even thanked her after seeing this wonderful story.Now,I'm more addicted to it than her!^_^
The story is based on a manga series "Hanayori Dango" which I used to watch a long time ago since I love anime and manga.
Boys Over Flowers is a whole lot better because the characters are real people.But they do act like anime characters. wooo i love it!

Here are the 4 famous Prince of F4. my favorite is Lee Min Ho or Gu Jun Pyo. I like the way he acts, his facial expression is cute and he is really handsome!  He's my first favorite Korean actor! :)
(Left to Right)-So Yi Jeong,Song Woo Bin,Gu Jun Pyo,&Yoon Ji Hoo
The story is about a brave laundry girl named Geum Jan Di who was able to enter and become a student of a very exclusive school by savings a student's life who's about to commit suicide.The student wanted to die because he can't stand the too much bullying he gets from his classmates.
Geum Jan Di finds out that the leader of this childish acts is a member of the famous F4, Gu Jun Pyo.The richest and the owner of the school also the son of the President!Going against the leader she will now face the worst experience she can ever have.By receiving a "red card", a student becomes a prey for all.They are being bullied until they get out of the school or worst they commit suicide.what happens next to Guem Jan Di is for you to find out ;) 

This is the extraordinary brave girl who thought F4 how to behave!
Go Jan Di!!!
Geum Jan Di 
Goo Hye Sun is Geum Jan Di in the story, what I like about her is that she acts naturally, I love the way she talks and the way she smiles,its so cute!^_^

Compared to F4 "Meteor Garden", This one is the best!I like the flow of story, the actors and actresses were good and they were cuter too!It's more of  a comedy version.Although It made me cry a little bit at some parts but it did made me laugh so much more!The story touched my heart so much that I can't even forget about it.^.^
I really can't wait for Season 2 if there is!Come on! don't make me wait for so long!^.^

credits:thank you google for the pics.^.^


Anonymous said...

After i watch what you recommended from the previous blog i downloaded the first episode of this show i hope its good as well (^^) i'm looking forward to it. If you keep up the good work i'll be more then glad follow you.

Mimi said...

^_^ i know you will like this one for sure! like i said this one is my favorite:)

Anonymous said...

Hello mimi i just got done with ep 12 on boys over flowers its so good thanks for recommending it. Its so addicting too Xp

Aaron said...

Yeah this show is awesome my girl friend recommended this to me really she forced me to watch it and i got to liking it i made it to ep 14 my self keep watching you won't regret it.

Mimi said...

^_^ I'm glad that you liked it.This korean drama won a lot of rewards.Theres no doubt that you too will be addicted watching it.Honestly I watched this 3x.XD


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