Wednesday, December 29, 2010

YAY for the year of the RABBIT!!!

So tell me,Is he sleeping or Eating?@_@
This is Bibbit^^
Are you excited for the year 2011-The year of the Rabbit?^_^  I bet we all are!!! I can't wait to celebrate the new year's party together with my friends and family and I'm also very excited  to see what's going to happen next year.What will be the next fashion trend, and the new beauty products that will be introduced to us.^^
Random @_@
~I already packed all my things, I'm leaving again to go to my brother's place for new year's party.I hope I could blog there.:)
~Oh and my mom promised me that she'll buy me a new rabbit next year! :)
~Diary Update
I'd like to thank my friend Maku for bringing his cute pet yesterday.I was pretty sick and had no internet connection at all >.>( it was soooo boring!) I'm just so glad that this cute guinea pigs made my day and I'm able to forget all of that because they're so adorable!haha now I know now why they're called guinea "pigs", they really do make little "oink" sounds hehehe ^o^

It's so cold and raining today and I'm still sick v.v~But I still went out to buy this Globe Tatoo-It's a USB internet connection( because I don't have connection).This is pretty cool because I could bring this anywhere~just plug it in a computer, and viola! instant connection and it's reloadable better that going to internet cafe/internet shop.So far it's giving me the speed I wanted although it's not stable.I have heard a lot of good and bad feedbacks about this provider.It sometimes gives me a fast connection, sometimes its super slow =.=' But I think it really depends on the location.So I have no complain because it's inexpensive. It's about 1245php or $20.I'm lucky because they have a promo I got a free internet connection for 1 week +2k free texts.:)
I also bought Ponds cold cream.My sister  recommended this to me, I have tested her's and it was a really good make up remover, and leaves my skin soft and hydrated.
I bought some Etude House items that I'll be posting up tomorrow :) 
Wow I can't believed I already have 101 friends here on blogspot!!!^_^ I'm very happy!!!
Thank you so much for following me, for the love and care.You all make me happy *o*
 It means so much to me♥
Thank you for reading and for all your lovely comments^_^

~Love mimiஐღ 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Camwhoring~No I won't smile XD

Hello everyone~^_^~ Today I decided to join "Melody's Camwhoring competition".
Everyone is welcome to join.Just take pictures of yourself,upload the it and just have fun!~and viola you have an entry!haha easy right?^^
 The point of this competition is to love ourselves and not be shy of ourselves camera whoring :3, I know that some of you (even I myself) were sometimes scared/shy to publish too many pictures in thought that someone will say bad about our pictures. ( I'm just glad that none of my friends does) Let's just stop thinking about what other people will say!^_^ Melody was right~ we only have to listen to what our parent's say! hihi.:)

I thought that this is also the best way to stop thinking about my lil bunny too^^~
 It's hard to smile in my pictures though.>.<
Btw~Here's my entry~This is for my baby rabbit.I hope I win!^_^
Too boring?XD Don't worry, I'll submit more pictures later :)
This is going to be my first Entry*_^
The competition ends on January 5, 2011
So If I were you, submit your pictures now!

Happy Camwhoring and Good luck!^_^

~Love mimiஐღ

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How's everyone's Xmas?

My Xmas was great,Even though I don't really celebrate Christmas, Me,my family and my pet bunny, spend the day together .We eat at shakeys . I don't really eat pizza though >.< but I enjoyed the chicken,spaghetti and the baked potato.:) I took a picture with santa ~ (haha he's a chinese I think)
Then we went home and we spend my day at my brother's house watching movies.
But something bad happened right after we got home earlier,my baby bunny passed away.I don't know what's the cause of it and I don't want to even think he is dead.I remember that both of us had so much fun yesterday.I even forgot to blog all about that because I was too busy playing with him in the front yard. Right now, just looking at our pictures together makes me smile.I missed him, and I wish I could still cuddle him.He's such a cute and sweet bunny.I can't believe I lost him but I just had to accept it.I said that my chirstmas was great because I was able to spend it with him atleast..Here are some of our pictures yesterday.
I will miss you Bibbit :(  spending xmas with you was the best first xmas ever.

I'm sorry that I blogged about this..I just thought that this could take away my sadness.
I hope that everyone had a great xmas!Merry Kurismas everyone!

~Love mimiஐღ

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tokidoki Pink Lametta Flat Iron

Hello everyone!^_^
Something came in the mail today!(yesterday because of late publish >.<)  Weeeee!!! A lovely package from my bf which really made me happy upon opening it!^o^ It's a Tokidoki flat iron!This was actually an early xmas present that he allowed me to open-(also knowing that I'm an impatient gf!haha) the other gifts are not to be opened until xmas =.= but I made a deal with him that I could open it on 24th midnight~which is also 25th :P heehe

One of my christmas wishlist is a hair flat iron~I was browsing on sephora when my bf asked what am I doing and then I mentioned  that I'm looking at the toki doki flat iron that I'm wanting to buy, which he bought upon knowing that I liked it.o.o At first I thought he was  just joking when he said he bought it for me!x.x And then he had to go to school that time that I wasn't able to bug him~but now that I have it, I just can't stop saying THANK YOU!!!^o^ hihi~ sooo happy!^^

Ok let me show to you how it look like :) 
~The packaging is just soooo adorable
~the box with the tokidoki characters.*o* they're so cute!

and of all the characters the one that caught my eyes is this yellow tiger that giving pearls to the lady mouse.^^ ~this is just so like me and and him lols :3
Back~Tells the description and features of the flat iron-
~Tourmaline Titanium floating plate technology
~Advanced ceramic heating element
~Negative Ion sensor
~Cool touch heat resistant fabric
~3m innovative swivel cord
~ Cruise control allows for you to choose your perfect heating setting 60c-210c/140f-410f
wow thats pretty hot lol!o.o
*o* I really fall in love with this pink tokidoki flat iron (~~,)
Out of the box- here's how it looks like~ It has a shiny pink color with the toki doki characters on it ."Adios" and "Carina" -the cactus XD There's also the tokidoki heart and crossbones logo. 
The back has different characters too.The Tokidoki girl, I have no idea who's guy tho >.< and Sandy-The green cactus.^_^  blades,crossbones,and vampiric lip candies are other cool prints ^^
The plates were very shiny
 And this is how it looks like on the side.
~ I really like heart and crossbones on it.^^ 
 You can turn the heat up or down and there's  on and off switch
user manual and warranty

The price is $89 but you can now purchase this at Sephora for $59 which is a really BIG discount!;)
This could be a great xmas present to your friends and love ones (girls ofc)^^
hihi I'm just so happy to have this pink flat iron ^o^ I alway's wanted to collect tokidoki stuffs~
Can't wait to use it!^^ ~oh and today I sent him a package as well :) I hope He like's what I gifted him.^_^

How about you,what do you think of this flat iron?
~Love mimiஐღ

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dolly Look

Hi dolls!^_^
I just want to share with you that lately I'm obsessed on dresses with rose print laces and ribbons.I got my inspirations from lolita girls who look like dolls because they always wear dresses with laces and ribbons on it*o* sooo cute! And I'm so dieing to wear lolita dress!x.x But since we have a hot temperature in the Philippines, It 's bad to wear this thick dresses or I'll end up sweating a lot~eww.So I can only wear thin dresses like this.I always think that dress looks cute and sexy.~very girly girl.hihi^^
Here's my outfit and makeup~
Grayish green lace dress
black lace skirt
black stockings
doll shoes
and random accessories
-silver,yellow and green colors from 88 pallete
-Etude House liquid eyeliner
-Etude House CodeB mascara
-Nichido Black eyeliner
-false eyelashes
Contact lens:Super Angel Brown (I'll post a review about this lenses later)
-Etude House Moistful Collagen Foundation
-Etude House Moistfull Collagen Primer
-Nichido sunkissed blusher
-Avon Nude lipstick
-Canmake Nude lipgloss
A friend of mine requested for this one picture.:3 She thinks I look cute when I smile with eyes closing!XD haha I think I uploaded too many pictures, forgive me for doing that,I just can't stop!XD 
Thanks for your visit!^_^
~Love mimiஐღ

Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY: Paint it PINK!

I was planning on buying a pink mirror and disposing the old mirror that I'm using.It's painted in gold and I like it but seeing the same old color every day  makes me tired of looking at it.=.=
So yesterday I decided to color it pink!

My old mirror
I also found an small cabinet that I don't use,which I think would be useful makeup storage.^.^
 So I prepared all the needed things...paint brush,old new papers and paints...
 I mixed the red paint with the white.mix it till I get the pink scheme that I wanted.
 waited till it dries...
wait wait
Nice and pink!^o^
I always wanted to buy a pink makeup table but I can't find any where here, so I'm still trying to be creative to have my own personalized makeup table lols.Although I can't paint the table pink because it's my mom's.#_#
This is also my first time painting something hehe.
with a flash so that you could see it better.
So What do you think dolls?
Any suggestions of what else I could add?:3 maybe Rhinestones on it?^o^

I'm planning on changing the color of my window railings next...hmm or  maybe change my room color?0.0

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts.I really  appreciate it.^_^ 
Have a nice day! 

~Love mimiஐღ

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tag and Diary Update~^_^

Hi everyone! I was tag by my sweet friend Clover  and I find it interesting to answer the questions :)
I will also tag this questions to:


I hope you answer this too ladies^_^

Here are the questions:
1.Why did you create this blog?
I was inspired by other bloggers, I love to read blogs and I thought that It would be nice to share something about myself too so I made this.It's also a way for me to express myself.

2.What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow bloggers who loves fashions,clothings, makeups,cute stuffs, pretty much anything that interest me.I like it when the owners are sweet and responds to my questions:) I know how hard it is to respond to everyone that asks them.But it delights me when they do visit me and leave me a comment as well*o*

3.Favorite Makeup Brand?
Etude House~ It's the only makeup that my skin approves.Other's irritates my skin.But if I find any that suits me I would love to try it as well :)

4.Favorite Clothing Brand?
I don't stick with any brands~ I like different kinds of clothings.Good texture,nice color or just something cute is good for me.

5.Your indespensable makeup product?
Bb cream, and eye liner

6.Your favorite color?
PINK *o*

7.Your perfume?
Maris Sharrapova and Echo Davidof~ I'm allergic to some strong perfumes.

8.Your favorite film?I like a lot of films.But the recent film that I loved is Detroit Metal City

9.What Country would you like to visit and why?
Japan-Because I love their culture.I want to go to Tokyo and visit anime stores!
Korea-I want to see many actors and actresses in this country hehe :3 Also Lee Min Ho^^
somewhere in USA because that's where my love is right now x.x so farrr

10.Write the last question and answer it yourself.
Are you excited about Christmas?
YES!!! I'm VERY excited!:3
Here's a recent picture of me wearing the new foundation and primer that I bought from Etude House.The difference of this from my Bb cream is that this one is a bit thicker and kind of powdery .Also the primer works really great.I will make a better review later when I got the time to do it.:)
haha I was rushing to take the picture because I'm going to be late for church. I still havent fixed my clothes.XD

Tonight I'm going to watch the new anime that I bought "Kobato".
"Kobato is a girl who came to earth to fulfill her wish,Which is to go to a certain place.To fulfill that wish, She has to find a bottle and fill it with scarred hearts.Together with her "teacher", which is a stuffed animal, She search for the scarred hearts.However, she may not fall in love with any person whom she cures the heart of"

That's what it says from the back of the dvd cover^^ oh well I think it's a really cute one.I can't wait to watch it.She really reminds me of Chii from Chobits:)

I'm going now to watch this.
Thanks for reading and Have a nice day!^_^

~Love mimiஐღ


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