Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mimi is BACK! Catching up + Holiday Wish List

I'm back!!!
I know, I've been gone for such a long time.I'm not sure if you would even remember me, But if you are here and you are reading this then I would like to Thank and Welcome you back here!

If you are wondering why I stopped writing for almost a year.Well, I have lost my interest after so many unfortunate things happened to me in the past and It was hard for me to recover from it.Nevertheless, Here I am now trying to start and come back to my hobbies that I love doing .To tell you the truth,I didn't forget even for once about my blog. In fact I was always thinking about it.
 I have so many things to talk about and share with you guys!

First of, Let me tell you that I have moved to the US.Yes, I was not expecting it too but everything just happened and I've been here for a year now! O_O
Moving to a different Country means different places,different makeups, Fashions and Adventures for me! That's right :) I have more Adventures to talk about!

What happened to my Pets?
Sadly,I have lost my cute pets.Teemo, Mikmik,Panda, mako  and It deeply saddened me. I guess everything happens for a reason. However that sadness was not for too long because after my two months stay here,  I met Chopper. A cute small chipoodle.:) So now I'm not lonely anymore!You can see more of him on my Fanpage.

What about my Business?
I sold my Computer Shop & stopped my online business for awhile but watch out because I am reopening PINKU PIRATES here in the US! Yay!:)

What do you plan to Blog now?
I'm so happy because opportunities are starting to open up to me ever since I moved here.
I will still blog about beauty stuffs such as Makeups, Fashion,Accessories.I will also still continue posting about Games, Techs and Gadgets. Anything that is cute and related to my blog.

And Now I am starting to post Vlogs (videos) So that I can share everything better.

I hope that you will continue to follow me.
Kaizokumousy on YOUTUBE

Anyways,Before I end this post I wanted to share with you my short WISH LIST
I am not expecting anything But I would love to receive them! LOL!!!

Michael Khors Digital Brawdshaw 

This is an interesting watch, I liked how you can change the colors and style of it.Some people complains about how fast the battery runs out and I think that sucks but I still would love to have it. XD I know I'm crazy like that.hehe


I've always wanted to have a GO Pro Hero.I've seen the quality of pictures and videos they produce,  I like that it's waterproof, very light and has a wide shot angle.I am itching to have it for myself so I can test it out too! I love techs xD

Ok so I wanted to remove this because I got me a better mouse.I recently got the Razer Mamba Tournament one But I will still leave this here since it was part of my wishlist anyway.:)

My favorite perfume! Juicy Couture~ I just love how cute the bottles are.*u* I adore them so much!

 Bobbi Brown Highlighter Palette
This is a Highlighter.I want to glow like a unicorn.I need this in my life!!!:D 

Finally, The last but not the Least... A

This is probably the hardest to find gift because It's very hard to find a perfect Sailor Moon costumes.Unless you are to make it yourself, but because I have a very hectic work schedule and barely have time to play my games/blog I will probably just buy it. I want to gift this for myself.XD
I have been wanting to attend a cosplay convention here!!! lulz!

How about you?
What's on your Wishlist?
Please leave me a comment below because I would love to hear from you!

And that's it!
 I hope you had fun reading my short post and I hope to see you on my next one!
Please do follow me on my Youtube and my Fanpage I do post there regularly now.:)

Thank you guys! I missed you all!:)


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Wishlist 2015

Yes! It's time of the year again when I prepare my wishlist.
This is probably my most favorite topic to blog about.

and here are some of the things on my list!

Chocolate Bonbons Palette
*u* I just recently got the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette and  was very happy to finally get my hands on it.(I don't know why it took me awhile to get it)  when this showed up on my Instagram page while I was browsing one night And then someone posted here on my blog telling me about this product which made me more hyped to add it on my wishlist.I know this is one of those makeup kits I won't be able to resist! Come on! Just look at that cute and pink packaging! kyaaaaa *dies x)
I will not have second thoughts on this makeup, definitely grabbing it!

photo from:dolledupbyj

I ♡ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz
Another palette I wanted to add in my makeup collection is the new
I ♡ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz from Makeup Revolution.
I got the other  three chocolate palettes from their I ♡ Makeup line except this one and the Chocolate Caramel .But I don't really use that much eye shadows so I would only pick up this one for sure.:)
I think the MR Chocolate Caramel is a dupe for the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate bar palette,So if you don't want to spend that much for a Too Faced palette, You should try the Makeup Revolution brand, These are good eyeshadows too!^^ ahhh too sweet!

Chanel Makeup
For chanel, I only wanted two things. A compact powder and a loose powder.*u*



Viva La Juicy
I'm very picky with my perfumes because I'm allergic to strong scents,So I make sure that I smell it first to check if I will have any good or bad reaction to it , and this one passed!XD YES!
Because I have been eyeing for this perfume for awhile now. The bottle is just too cute! It's perfect to display in  the vanity  :)

For Tech stuff I only have one wish

 Blue Microphone Yeti

 To be honest with you guys, I don't know so  much about this mic. What  I have been hearing on you tube  they say this mic has a good rating and reviews.But if you are techie and you know  better mic than this then please comment below and let me know what you think.

I think that's it .I don't have much too add on my wishlist for this year because there's nothing in the market that attracts me that much, Even the makeups at Sephora are not that cute this year so I was quite disappointed since most of the companies didn't released cute packaging (for mimi xD)  except for Too Faced of course.

But if ever anything cute  comes out before the holidays starts I will definitely update this list.

Let me know if this helps you a little bit or at least made you want to add it on your wishes as well.^^

See you on my next post~


So what's on your WISH LIST?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Makeup Palettes on my Wishlist | Too Faced | Urban Decay | Kat Von D

Most of you probably already have all of these makeup palettes in your collection but I don't. (*cwies) But if you haven't, Then  please come  and take  a look at what palettes I wanted to add in my makeup collection. :)

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette $49.00

The very first palette in my list is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Just look how adorable the packaging is! *-* I love chocolate so this is so perfect for me!This makeup came out last year but I wasn't able to include this on my holiday wish list because I was not familiar with this brand yet so I picked up the Holiday kits from Tarte.
But after seeing the entire collection of Too Faced, I just died! How I wished I picked up the sets from Too Faced instead! hahaha oh well ~ not that I'm saying that Tarte is not cute , I love them too!:)
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar $49.00
Another palette from Too Faced is this Semi Sweet Chocolate bar.I heard good and bad things about this product's eye shadow quality and performance but I wanted to try it out and see if it works for me.If it don't then maybe I just wanted it for the cute packaging.(lol) I have to find that out! :)
Too Faced Soda Pop Palette $36.00
Next is this super kawaii  Soda Pop makeup palette, I call it the "Macaron Eyeshadow Palette" I wonder why Too Faced didn't named it like that, It would have been more cute!:D I love it's packaging and the eye shadow colors are my favorite shades so I really can't wait to have my hands on this.:) Super cute!
Bonjour Soleil $36.00
Now, A bronzer would be perfect, to add a little bit of glow in my brown complexion.:)
I don't really wear bronzers , But I recently got Too Faced "The Little Black Book of Bronzers" Which is really cute and I can't wait to make a review on that one too.
So I thought I wanted to add this in my list.Cute packaging and I think this is easier to carry on trips.:)

Too Faced Selfie Powders $36
Last Product from Too Faced is the Selfie finishing powders.I haven't tried anything like this before.I'm really curious about this product so I'm thinking of adding this on my list.^-^

Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette $46.00
One of those eyeshadow palettes that I'm obsessing with is the Monarch Eyeshadow palette by Kat Von D. I've been watching Youtube video reviews about this and I'm loving all the colors and swatches of this eyeshadow. I also love the butterfly art on the packaging.:)

Chrysalis Eyeshadow Pallete $46
Another makeup from Kat Von D is this Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette. I love the packaging and color of this one. It's pink , purple and it's bright.Though the reviews on this makeup are not so great, I would still want this in my collection.. Mehhh... I don't know why but I just like the color of the packaging!XD

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette
If I could only pick 2 makeup palettes out of all the makeups I chose.I would pick this Shade + Light Contour Palette and the chocolate bar palette.I would love to get my hands on this contour palette as I don't own any contour kit aside from the brown eye shadows I use for contouring.But this would be really great for my cosplay makeup looks as most of the time I use a lot browns for shading so I could get the perfect look for a character.:)
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Last, But not the least is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.I own the 2nd one, and I love it!so I wanted to have this one as well..oohh got to love that Rose gold and pink tones eyeshadows!*u*

That's it! Tell me if you liked the makeup palettes on my list, And if you think I am missing out other great palettes then please let me know below, Thanks for reading and I'll see you on my next blog!^_^

Which is your MOST FAVORITE makeup palette?


(*credits to the owners of these pictures, Obviously I can't take my own pictures as I don't own any of these yet.Thank You for the lovely pics!:) )

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Diary Update |Goodbyes

It's always hard to let go of people that you love, And it's harder to say goodbye when you know they won't ever come back. Learning to let go is the only way we can set our hearts free. I know that, Though it's really hard for me to do that.

Just recently, When my mom passed away,  My world shattered. I know this sounds like a drama, But it's true. All I dreamed of success was always for both of us. 
I have realized so many things now that she's gone... It's harder for me to live without her. My life was so much easier when she was there.I don't have to worry about anything at all. And when I am in trouble, She was always there for me.

I thought she's going to survive cancer. She looks so strong and was fighting it.Whenever I would ask her how she feels , She would always say "I'm ok, I'm a super mama", It never crossed my mind that she's going to leave us. It caught me by surprise or maybe... I was just in denial.

I know this sounds corny for some, But have you ever heard those saying  " Love your parents while they are still alive"? We often hear that but we don't really pay attention to it that much, I was like that before but now I know the point of the quote...

If I only knew what was going to happen to her, I would of hugged and kissed her cheeks more.I would stayed by her side longer, Talked to her more and I would say the words "I love you" until she get's tired of hearing it, These are some of the things I feel like I did it but it wasn't enough..I regret it so much because now I can't do those things to her anymore.:( 

I also regretted that I didn't go out with her as much. Because I am always stuck with my computer games. Whenever my mom would ask me if I wanted to go shopping , I would decline it. I'm so addicted to my games that I missed the chance to spend more time with her. If I could only turn back those times I would shut down my PC and would go out with her more!:(

You know, Whenever someone would hug me~ Like a friend or my aunt. I don't want to let go , I just want to stay like that because it makes me feel comfortable when someone hugs me, I want to think I am hugging my mom.:/ I know it's weird.~ (>_<)~ huhu

It's really hard to say goodbye to someone so dear,The feeling is so much different from loosing a lover because parents are irreplaceable.Maybe time will come when I can already move on without me forcing myself. Right now, Whenever someone would say I should learn to let go, It just makes it harder for me.

On the other hand, There is also goodness in letting go of things... such as saying "bye-bye" to my old habit of playing computer games non-stop.This one is easier for me because I realize how much I missed living in the real life world.So much opportunities are gone because I spent most of my days playing games from morning until night.I would excuse myself to birthday invitations, parties,meetups and meetings. I was having so much fun inside the game that I missed to live and laugh in the real world and to do real life activities.

There is nothing wrong with playing games, But this time I will play minimally.
I promised myself I would go out more.I realized how short life is to missed events, to try things out , to talk more with the other people and  to spend more time with them. Because in the end we don't know how much time we have left in this world, So we better spend it wisely.Hopefully the next chapter of my life would be productive and full of adventure.:)

I think that's pretty much it, I'm ok now, I just want to let it out of my chest.
If you happen to read this blog post and find that it's not the usual cute post, I hope it's ok, I hope you don't mind my drama. I just want to express myself because It really helps me.

Don't worry my next post will be fun!:)
See you!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Etude House | Dear My Blooming Cheek Review & Swatches


I don't own a lot of blushes so I was excited when I got this Dear My Blooming Cheek dual highlighter and blush. Something to add in my makeup collection. ^-^
 It is from Etude House and it's in a Shade OR202 .

It comes in a pink box, super cute!:) The product's container is made of plastic with a simple design on it, It has a see through cover which is perfect so I can see the colors right away,
And here are the swatches.
The peach color has a sheer satin finish  with a very light peach sheen to it. The pink color is more pigmented  and has a deeper pink sheen.
Both are beautiful colors when applied on the cheeks.
And here's the swatch when both colors are combined

I love both shades, I think this is perfect for a daily wear natural makeup look.Like I said the colors are beautiful , It's light but the color is  buildable.

By the way, It's kind of difficult to capture the swatches on my phone's camera, This is what I use to take pictures for my blog at the moment because both my sony camera and dslr are broken :/ *sob , I know I'm clumsy :'( 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my review. :)

Hopefully I could post a more decent pictures soon!

Thanks for dropping by~


Sunday, March 1, 2015

GUILD WARS 2 | Legendary Greatsword Sunrise

I thought it was impossible... I thought I won't ever get something so precious...
I was wrong!(D-R-A-M-A) lulz!

 Let me show off my beautiful weapon from GW2!:)

With full focus & determination you can achieve and get the Legendary weapon of your choice too! It is proven, I got my second weapon,The Legendary Greatsword -SUNRISE!(weeeee!!!)
~My very first legendary is The Dreamer
You know how hard it is to complete any recipe for the BEST weapon in ANY game? It's hard because even we are LVL1 we always aim for the highest level of equipment.  Best stats , BEST LOOKING equip ever!
If you are a gamer like me, you would know exactly what I mean. (haha)

It's frustrating I know!~Farming , collecting , dungeon and boss farming, We all do everything just so we could get enough GOLD for the best. 
And It's all worth the hard work once we get the equipment we wanted for so long!:D We always wanted the BEST right?;)

Here's a picture of my Mesmer carrying Sunrise. (*-*)!!! ugh so beautiful!
 With all those special effects, beautiful glow I am just happy to get the weapon I've been dreaming of.^-^ 
You know the feeling of getting a new makeup? That's exciting it is for me whenever I use this weapon.hehe

Which Legendary Weapon Do you want?

Thanks for reading my random post about games
See you on my next post  ^-~


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Etude House | Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Review & Swatch

Hello dolls!

This is a continuation of my last blog post about the makeups that I received.
So I got the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk (yes it's lips-talk, not lipstick)XD
in a shade PK008.

It comes in a pink box  with hearts & cute font style. *-* 

Now the lipstick bullet is superrrrr C-U-T-E!!!, I'm inlove! *-* It's a light pink case  with cutesy plastic shiny pink bow around it .They never fail in designing the cutest container for lipstick!
My other lipstick from Etude House looks super cute too, check it out! I can see that a lot of effort  was put in designing of this.^_^
 (Annnnnd Just look at the heart with a crown design on the lipstick. 
how beautiful is that?^-^)
The design is not in the middle though, But it's just a little miss and I don't mind that.
Now on to the main product~
The Shade that I got is in PK008. It's a pink rose shade.In the container it looks more like mauve brown color.
The first swatch shows one application and the second is two coats.
It looks really dark pink on my arm swatches however, After applying it on my pigmented nude brown lips it turns more light and sheer.

I'm not sure if I liked this color on me because I feel like I'm Nicki Minaj.xD haha!

I liked the formula. It's creamy and feels moisturizing on the lips.But I can feel the product on my lip and it stays there. To me, it does have a very very light candy scent  but you won't be able to smell it unless you put your nose on and smell it from the container.

I'm giving this product a 3/5 star.
Packaging: It's has a super cute design and pink color.(my favorite)
Scent: Has a soft light candy scent almost no scent. *thumbs up for that
Formula:Smooth and Creamy to apply but it feels heavy on my lips.I can feel the product that I have applied which I'm not a fan of. >_<
Longevity:Lasted an hour or two on my lips.Not for long day activity
Price:  For a cutesy lipstick you can't beat the price of $8.50 or 350-400php. 

Well that's my review for the PK0008 Dear My blooming Lipstick
Everything I said is based on my own opinion and my experience with the product.I love Etude House brand but this lipstick formula is not for me.

Thanks for reading & Have a great day!:)


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heroine Make is finally here!

Yes! Yes! Yes! 
Finally Heroine Make, a Japan makeup brand is now out in the Philippine Market!
I was really excited when I saw this makeup in SM Dasmarinas last December 31. I was there shopping for some holiday presents. Yep,I'm sorry if this post is a bit late .There's so many things that is going on with me in real life right now that I only remembered to blog about it after seeing the pictures again on my phone xD (Facebook is so annoying it took me a million times to actually upload this pictures, because it keeps crashing on my phone x_X lol) 
Better late than never right?:D

Oh gosh!
I was so excited to play with these makeups!I manage to grab some pictures because the sales lady that was in the Heroine Make booth is nice.She also entertained my questions really well. *thumbs up

The products that are available in their booth are mostly mascaras, eyebrow & eyeliner pencils.BB cream which I really wanted to try and a BB cream powder that is really new to me, I'd be sure grab it next time ,I believe it's only 500 php or 11usd.^^ I think most of their products are around 400php-1000php or $9 -$20 USD.

I didn't purchase anything right away though, because whenever I get excited I always buy lots and lots of makeups and I always end up with something I can't or won't even use.So I let myself relax and breath in a little bit.:P lolz!
 I get too excited when I see a lot of makeups! *-* (goes crazy)
But I'd be sure to grab that bb cream powder  on the top shelf!*-* I'm itching to try it out! (lel) .

Their pencil liners are a bit disappointing  as it didn't glide in smoothly when I tried to swatch it on my arm.It was hard like a real pencil!
I'm not sure if their display is just old, but the sales lady helped me try out the other ones and ended up the same. (o_o)

It was hard to try out their mascara because I was wearing a makeup already so I can't tell if it's good or not.Best way to review it is when I buy some to test out.
I am so happy to see more and more makeup brands coming out in the market, ^-^  It gets boring to try & see the same makeups over & over.I Also didn't want to pay for the shipping fee online for something I haven't tested before,And sometimes products comes in broken or ended up buying fakes.(-_-)' lols~
Anyways, This makeup really reminds me of Bihada Ichizoku, a product brand from Japan too that I have used before and I truly loved. My most favorite moisturizer & makeup remover were both from Bihada Ichizoku.

Anyone knows if  "Heroine Make" & "Bihada Ichizoku" makeup  are anyway related? :o

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, Thanks for dropping by!:)


Friday, January 16, 2015

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2015

Yes! Six days left and the new Mac Viva Glam x Miley Cyrus will be out!
~It will be available for purchase on January 22, 2015~ :)
I actually just found out about it too because Miley posted it  herself on facebook.
(and yes that top comment is mine lulz!) 

Now,  I don't just buy any new makeup that comes out but I like to pick up products that I really wanted to add in my collection,This lipstick color is just made for me!*-* (haha)
 I was thrilled when I saw the color and the lipstick swatches on this video- link
It's color PINK! ^-^
I was impressed about how long the lipstick lasted on her lips.

Hopefully it don't get sold out fast before I could even buy it. 
I can't wait, I'm excited!*-* 


Monday, January 5, 2015

Etude House | Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches & Review

Happy New Year everyone!^_^

Yay for the first post for 2015! And Yes I am finally back into blogging.

First of, let me talk about~ "What I got from our New Year's Party!"
I got a few products from Etude House and I'm really excited after I opened my gift because I've always loved this brand!

If you don't know about this brand yet, Etude House is a Korean Makeup brand.It is a popular brand here in Asia for their quality, very cute packaging and for it's affordable price.Most of their products were promoted by popular Korean Stars & Kpop Artist.

So for today, I will be reviewing about the 3 Etude House Single pan eye shadows that I received.I've never tried any of these before.Most of the time I visit Etude House, I only grab BB creams, eyeliners ,cream shadow sticks and blushes, but never these ones So I'm really excited to try this out!
 I got Look At My Eyes Eye Shadow in colors
Bronze,Pink and Brown
I believe there are more colors to choose from.

Let's talk about their Packaging
Each eye shadow comes in a small crystal clear case.
I tell you, It doesn't look cheap at all. The packaging is made of a hard and thick type of plastic.
It has a cute & simple design in the front of the casing that says "Look at". And at the back it has the eye shadow code, a barcode & some words that are written in Korean.

It opens like a compact powder case.It is also sealed tight when locked.
Super cute packaging!
On to the Product 

Etude House Look at My Eyes BR401
Price:198 Php or  $ 4.4 USD
Look at how cute the heart shaped patterns on the eyeshadows.
 It's so adorable! I almost didn't want to use it!:) haha
The eye shadow feels smooth but it doesn't feel creamy or buttery to touch, but it's not bad all the color still goes on smoothly when applied.
I love this Shade a lot.It looks dark bronze on the pan but it's a gold color when swatched on my arm. It's a really beautiful shimmery light gold color.A sheen and smooth finish NOT a chunky glitter.
 Here's a beautiful swatch of BR401 color. 

Etude House Look at My Eyes BR403
Price:198 Php or  $ 4.4 USD
This eye shadow is light dark brown shade, It can be build up to make it darker. It's perfect for a light smokey look.For some reason It feels a little creamier than the gold one. It's also shimmery but not like chunky glitter.Just a really beautiful effect.I love it! It goes perfectly well with the gold shade.
My Swatches doesn't give justice for this shade at all -.-

Etude House Look At My Eyes PK003
Price:Price:198 Php or  $ 4.4 USD
Pink Shade, My favorite color!This eye shadow is smooth.Now this color  is very very light for my skin color.Specially when I applied it on my eyes, the color fades to white with only a hint of pink to it.

Final Verdict!
-The colors are sheer.
Asian Makeup brands like to make their makeup colors light.

-The colors are not pigmented  but buildable

Perfect for a "No makeup makeup" style.

-It's light, doesn't feel like you are wearing any eye makeup. 

-These are shimmery. So if you are the type of person who hates glitters then this eye shadows are not for you.

-You will need an eye shadow primer.To make it last longer and to help the color show up a little more.

-Cute!~Perfect to add to your makeup collection!


This is a great gift! ^-^ I really enjoyed playing with it
I can see myself using it for a day to day makeup look~ :)
 I love it a lot!

Next, I will be reviewing the other makeup products that I got.

Thanks for reading , and I'll see you on my next post!



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